In lieu of a formal ratings system, I've fashioned an award for 

                                    recommended Hong Kong films- the Yammy. Overall, this indicates

                                    entertainment value, though other factors such as artistic merit and

                                    critical / commercial success are given some consideration as well.

                                    I subscribe to the "for what it is" school of criteria; so Yammies are

                                         given for being "good for what it is", not necessarily for being

                                                                         classic cinema as a whole.


                                                At the least, a Yammy merely suggests that the film is worth seeing.     

                                    Which is not to say that movies without Yammies aren't any good. 

                                    This is merely a guideline, and surely even this broad assessment 

                                                                   will differ with some other opinions.


                                      So be sure to look out for the lil' Simon icon for a vague indication 

                                                                                    of a film's quality. 




                                                              Yammy Awards (currently reviewed):


                                                                               The Demon Fighter 

                                                               Ebola Syndrome

                                                                               Hong Kong Gigolo 

                                                               How To Meet the Lucky Stars 

                                                               Inner Senses

                                                               The Kung Fu Kid

                                                                               Man Wanted

                                                               Pantyhose Hero  

                                                               Running on Karma

                                                               You Shoot, I Shoot






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