Press Release: July 22, 2003


                                       Paramount Pictures Plagiarized From


                                Three years ago Hong Kong actor Simon Yam Tat Wah personally authorized the 

                                creation of, a fan site formed to promote his career. In that time

                    has become the foremost form of publicity for Yam worldwide, read

                                                              by tens of thousands of visitors each month. 

                                Unfortunately, (as well as its sister site, Hong Kong Movie World-

                          has frequently become a victim of its own "success". 

                                  It has been widely plagiarized, and the offenders, surprisingly, have included 

                                                                               professional journalists.

                               This time around, the plagiarism was committed by Paramount Pictures, one of the 

                              oldest and biggest movie studios in Hollywood. Promotion for Paramount's summer 

                              2003 release of Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life includes the film's official 

                              This website ( has blatantly plagiarized entire portions

                                           of the Simon Yam biography found at

                               To see what they stole, enter, click on "Cast & Crew"

                                                at the bottom menu, then select "Simon Yam" from the list. 

                                Or if you find it easier, you can just click on these screen captures of the Tomb 

                                      Raider 2 site, which are exact snapshots of the stolen Yam biography. 

                                                           BIO 1        BIO 2        BIO 3        BIO 4  


                           In addition to use of my work on the web site, my material was 

                         also distributed as part of their press kit given to the media, and 

                                   is included on the DVD of the Tomb Raider 2 movie.      

                              The original biography page on (

                                 clearly states that it is copyrighted material. No credit is given whatsoever on 

                                Paramount's website, meaning that they are taking credit for authorship of the 

                               material, as well as claiming copyright. Aside from 1 word change*, one short line 

                               added on the end of the first paragraph, and the concluding sentence, the text is

                               verbatim, word for word, exactly the same as the biography from


*the word "over" is changed to "more" in the first paragraph

                               A corporate entity as large as Paramount, which is promoting a blockbuster movie

                                 with a reported budget of $90,000,000, should not be plagiarizing from others. 

                                Stealing, and taking credit for what someone else wrote is not only unpaid labor, 

                              but also slanderous. As the author of this biography, I should be credited and paid 

                                                                       for my services, don't you think?




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