Simon Yam News- 2004


                                          Two More For To


                                 November 3rd:  Collaborations between Johnnie To and Simon Yam continue as 

                                   they film two new projects together. Aside from their pickpocket movie, Yam is 

                                    working on a (gasp!) gangster movie with To. ELECTION also stars Tony Leung 

                                    Ka Fai and Maggie Siu. Yesterday Simon and Tony shot a scene in which Simon 

                                  ambushes Tony while fishing in order to become the Dragon Head. With his face

                                   buried in the muddy slope, Tony had to suffer for his art: "It's no big deal. Only 

                                 then can I express my strong suit. Earlier I was afraid of thorns cutting my hand. 

                                Yam Tat Wah really beat me until I have a face imprint in the mud. You can see all 

                                                                              the facial features too."

                              After getting recognition for PTU, Simon's salary has improved. Says Yam, "To Sir has

                                helped me with the baby's milk money and life expense. From now on I will work on

                                 two movies a year for you. I think I can cover education until the baby turns 18." 

                                                                                                              Info / quotes: Wolverine



                                                                                                        Yam at the premiere of EXPLOSIVE CITY

                    November 2nd:  EXPLOSIVE CITY had its premiere today. Attending were Simon Yam,

                               Samuel Pang, Timmy Hung, Life is Beautiful, Chin Kar Lok, Lawrence Chou, Eric Tsang's 

                                                   son Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung and filmmaker Abba Chan. 

                                Due to the exciting atmosphere, Simon felt it innapropriate for his pregnant wife to 

                                                                            attend, so he arrived solo. 

                                                                                                  Info: Wolverine           Image: Ming Pao   


                                             Daddy Yam

                     Simon and his wife, model Qi Qi, are expecting a little gangster of their own.

                                 They announced at an Omega event that Qi Qi is pregnant with their first child.


                            Simon is currently wrapping filming on SPL, in which he plays

                                             Donnie Yen's cop partner. Sammo Hung also stars as a gang boss. 


                                              Simon Yam and actress Michelle Mei play Nicholas Tse's parents 

                                          in Wong Jing's film Moving Targets, based on the popular TVB classic

                                            "Police Cadet". It also stars Edison ChenGillian Chung, Roy Chow,

                                                                           Kent Tong, and Lam Suet



                                            February 25th:  Simon, Qi Qi, Richie Ren and Cindy Crawford promoted the opening of 

                                                                   a new Omega watch store in Beijing.

                                                                                Info: Wolverine            Images: Oriental Daily  


                        Simon and Qi Qi hot doggin' it

                                             February 3rd:  Simon and Qi Qi spent their Lunar New Year holiday in the Philippines. 

                                  Their travel companions were Wan Chi Keung and wife Michelle Mei. They got to

                                                                ride some ATVs in the sand (see above). 

                                                                                     Info: Sanney          Image: Oriental Daily     


                                   Hisako Shirata with Simon Yam

                                            January 16th:  In Explosive City, Yam plays a cop who pursues a Japanese hitwoman

                                   played by Hisako Shirata (hmm.. sound like Fulltime Killer to you?). While filming 

                                    scenes with Shirata at the Kai Tak airport, Yam spoke to reporters about the 

                                opportunity to once again play a cop. "I really like playing cops. Although I couldn't

                                  be one in real-life, I can be one in the movies. Every time I put on a policeman's 

                                     uniform for a movie, I'm just as happy as I would be if I was doing it for real.  

                                          I wouldn't mind if I played cop characters a hundred times a year."

                                                                                  Info / quotes: Sanney          Image: The Sun   


                            Simon: More Money, More Offers 

                                                      Alex Fong, Leung Tak Sum, Simon Yam   

                                                January 14th: Simon is playing a cop in Explosive City, a new action movie with

                                 Alex Fong, Samuel Pang and Japanese actress Hisako Shirata. At the production's

                              opening ceremony, Simon said that by Spring he will go to Australia to make a foreign

                               film. He plays a gangster. Does he mind? Nah. "Film is a merchandise. For people who

                               like to act satisfying themselves and entertaining the public are the most important."

                               Apparently the movie Tomb Raider 2 has raised his stock in the international market.

                                                 "I got many offers, even people in Africa recognize me."

                                                                               Info / quotes: Wolverine            Images: Oriental Daily  



                                            January 8th:  Along with Aaron Kwok, Stephen Fung, Peter Chan and Raymond Chow, 

                                Simon attended the HK premiere of John Woo's new flick Paycheck from Paramount 

                                   Pictures. Speaking of PAYCHECKS, where's mine? Paramount still owes me for 

                                                                      stealing my Simon Yam biography

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