Hong Kong Gigolo DVD
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The Hong Kong Gigolo DVD from Universe has eight animated chapters, and non-optional Chinese and English subtitles which are readable. The two audio tracks are Cantonese and Mandarin, sound is Dolby Digital mono. The only “star file” is the standard one for Simon Yam. There are trailers for First Shot and Gigolo and Whore, but none for the film itself.
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The picture is often smeary and oversaturated colors tend to bleed into each other. Darkly lit scenes really suffer the most, and this movie has a lot of them. Only in very brightly lit scenes, does it not fare too badly. All in all, a very substandard transfer.
The DVD package has the title repeated nearly a dozen times at the top and bottom of the cover, and it’s spelled “Hong Kong Gogolo”. Looks like the same attention that was given the transfer was given to the packaging.
*The box claims a run time of 97 minutes, it’s actually two minutes shorter.
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