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                        Hong Kong Film Producers   



A Plus Pictures Limited

* Always Good Film Co.
* Art Centre Productions
* Asso Asia Films Ltd.  
  Authority Films Ltd.
  B & S Films Production Limited
  Bad Boy Film Culture Ltd.
* Bang! Bang! Films 
* Black Cat Film Co.
  Block 2 Pictures
* Bo Ho Films Co., Ltd.
  BOB & Partners Co., Ltd.
  Bojon Films Company Ltd.
  Bryan Films Co Ltd.
  Buddy Film Creative Workshop Ltd.
* Cathay
  Century Creator Co., Ltd.
* Champion International Films Co., Ltd.
  China Entertainment Films Production Limited
* China Films (H.K.) Co.
  China Star
  Cine-Century Entertainment Limited
* Cinema City Co. Ltd.
* D & B Films Co., Ltd.
* David Lam Films Co., Ltd.
  Dream Art Production Co. Ltd.
  Eagle Film Production Co. 
* East Asia Film (H.K.) Co. 
  EMC Motion Pictures Limited
  EMG (Emperor Media Group)
* The Eternal Film (H.K.) Co. 
  Fantasy Productions Inc. (B.V.I.)
  Far Sun Film
  Film Power Company Limited
  Film Unlimited
  Film Workshop
  Filmark International Ltd.   new film review
  Filmko Pictures Limited
* First Films 
  Fitto Movies Co., Ltd.
  Focus Films Limited 
* Fong Cheng Film (H.K.) Co.
* Fong Ming Motion Picture Co. HK  
  Fresh Maker Ltd.
* Fu Tu Film (H.K.) Co. 
* Glory Films (H.K.) Co., Ltd.
  Golden Harvest Entertainment Co. Ltd.
  Golden Light Film Co.
  Golden Movies International Limited
  Golden Princess
  Golden Sun Light Production Co., Ltd.
  Golden Tripod Film Co.
* Golden Way Films Ltd.
* Goldig Films
* Grand Films
  Grand March Movie Production Co., Ltd.
* Grand River Films Ltd.
* Grandview Film Company Limited 
* Great China Film Co. H.K.
* Great Earth Film Company 
  Hai Hua Cinema Co. (H.K.)
  Han Entertainment Ltd.
  Heart Lover Entertainment
* Hong Hwa International Films (H.K.) Ltd.
  Hua Ying International Co. Ltd.
* Hwa Hong Motion Picture Co., Ltd. 
* Hwa Kuo Movie Studio Ltd.      
  Icon Pictures Limited
  IFD Films & Arts Limited  
  JCE Movies Limited
  Jet Tone
* Jia's Motion Picture Co. 
  Jing's Production Ltd.
  Ka Shing Film Production Co. 
* Kam Bo Motion Picture Co. 
* Kam Yeung Film Co. (H.K.)
* Kathleen Motion Picture Co. 
  Kingfisher Films
  Ko Chi Sum Films Co. Ltd
  Kwan's Creative Workshop Ltd.
* Lai Wah Film Company
* Lau Brothers Film Co.
  Liberty Film Co.
  Linksun International Limited
  Live-Art Workshop
* Lo Wei Motion Picture Co., Ltd. 
* Lo's Film (H.K.) Co.
* Luh Fwu Film Co., Ltd. 
  M Productions Limited
  Magnum Films Limited
  Making Film
  Mandarin Films Ltd. 
  Matrix Productions Company Limited
  Media Asia Group
  The Media Evangelism Limited 
  Mei Ah Film Production Co., Ltd.
  Milkyway Image (HK) Ltd.
  Millifame Productions Ltd.
* Million Film (H.K.) Co., Ltd. 
  Mobile Film Production Limited
* Mountview Film Co. (H.K.)
  Movie Impact Limited
  My Way Film Co., Ltd.
  One Hundred Years of Film Co. Ltd.
  Paka Hill Film Production Co.
  Panasia Films Production Co., Ltd.
  Paragon Films Ltd.
* Park Films
* Peace Film Production (H.K.) Co.
* Peacock Films 
  People's Production Limited
* Popular Film Enterprises (H.K.) Co., Ltd. 
  Red Lantern Films
  Regal Films Co. Ltd.
  S&W Entertainment Limited
* Safety Walk Motion Picture Co.
  Salon Films (HK) Ltd.
  Sam Po Film Co.
  Samico Films Production Co., Ltd.
Seasonal Film Corporation 
  Sharp Films Company
  Shaw Brothers (Hong Kong) Limited
  Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd.
  Star Overseas Limited
Success Film (HK) Co.
  Suen Woo Film Productions Co.  
* Taishan Film Production Company 
  Teamwork Motion Pictures Limited
  Times Production Ltd.
  Tsui Siu Ming Productions Ltd.
  UFO (United Filmmakers Organisation)
  Universe Entertainment Ltd.
  Verdull Ltd. (Film Dept.)
  Vision Production Studio
* Wei Kuen (H.K.) Film Co.
* Wha Tai (H.K.) Motion Picture Co.
* The Wing Scope Film Production Ltd.
  Win's Entertainment Ltd.
  Wong Jing's Workshop Limited
* Worldwide Film Productions Co.
* Yang Tze Film (H.K.) Ltd.  (Yangtze Productions Ltd.)
  Yuen Biao Films Company Limited


                                                    indicates a company that is no longer in operation or inactive  





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