Pantyhose Hero    (1990) 

                                                                                   (aka Panty Hose Hero)    Bojon Films Company Ltd.


                                         Cast:  Sammo Hung, Alan Tam, Joan Tong Lai Kau, Yam Wai Hung, Lam Man Chung, Chu Wai San, 

                                                                                       Ridley Tsui, Chung Fat, Wu Ma, Yip Wing Cho 

                                                                              Cameo:  Paul Chun Pui, Tai Bo, Phillip Chan, James Tien         


                                                        Music:  Lowell Lo              Producer:  Sammo Hung              Director:  Sammo Hung

                                                                                                        Genre:  Comedy | Action       


                                                                                  "Butter is not for eating"


                             Pantyhose Hero    Sammo and Alan in Pantyhose Hero    Alan Tam- Pantyhose Hero

                              Hong Kong films have never catered to political correctness. Gang bosses are glorified, fat 

                                       people are mocked, women are objectified, and bathroom humor is abundant. It is perhaps

                                       necessary to bear these facts in mind when viewing Pantyhose Hero, Sammo Hung's fast, 

                                                                                     funny, and farcical take on the gay community.  

                                    Alan (Alan Tam) and Jeff Lau (Sammo Hung), are two police partners who are assigned to

                                     investigate the brutal murders of two gay men. In preparation, they have to undergo a 3 day 

                                         course on how to act gay. Posing as a couple of gay guys, they scout the clubs and bars

                                    for inside information, but have to rebuff the sexual advances of one horny gay caricature after 

                                          another to get the clues they need. (A bartender asks Sammo, "What would  you like?" 

                                      He answers, "Anything but you.") Later, Sammo runs into a pretty dame (or rather she into

                                                        him, with her car), adding a romantic subplot to the homosexual hijinx.  


                                    The murdered men had lost a shipment of drugs worth millions, and the gang of drug smugglers

                                         who owned the stuff had already threatened their lives if it was not returned. In actuality, 

                                  they died at the hand of a gay serial killer (Ridley Tsui); and since Jeff and Alan are pretending 

                                          to be gay, they're prey as well. Because of their connections to the gay community, the 

                                                                gangsters suspect they might know something about the lost drugs. 


                                      I don't want to give away too much about Pantyhose Hero, but let's just say that this film is

                                    so chockfull of gags and comic situations that, for sheer entertainment value, I'd say it's one of

                                     Sammo's  best. Alan Tam has better comraderie with Sammo than he did with Jackie Chan

                                       in Armour of God, and he gets to fight instead of playing the coward. The acting is great as

                                             usual, and Sammo is adorable when he's wooing Chen-Chen (Joan Tong  Lai Kau).


                                       Technically speaking- the writing, choreography, acting, music, editing- this is as good as 

                                      anything Sammo has done before. There are four major fight sequences, and another minor

                                     one, with a prolonged ending in a partially constructed building (think Heart of the Dragon).

                                   One stunt performed in the film is one of the greatest I've ever seen. Someone doubling Sammo

                                            gets hit by a car, slams HARD into the windshield, and bounces onto the pavement. 

                                                                    It needs to be seen to be appreciated. Truly amazing!

                                     Pantyhose Hero also has a few cast members you don't see alot of. Two former Miss HK

                                           contestants- Tong Lai Kau and Chu Wai San, and the main villain, played by athlete

                                      Yam Wai Hung, who was also one of the thugs in Slickers vs. Killers the following year.  

                                          As Alan Tam's theme song  plays over the credits, we're treated to hilarious outtakes.


                                                                                          Sammo Hung Kam Bo




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