How To Meet the Lucky Stars   (1996) 

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                                                                                                  How To Meet the Lucky Stars poster

                                                  Cast:  Stanley Fung, Miu Kiu Wai, Richard Ng, Eric Tsang, Kung Suet Fa

                                     Francoise Yip, Sammo Hung, Cho Tat Wah, Cheng Pei Pei, Diana Pang Dan, 

                                            Natalis Chan, Kim-Maree Penn, Mark Houghton, Chen Kuan Tai


                                                Cameo:  Nora Miao, Lowell Lo, Mars, Ho Pak Kwong, Yuen Cheung Yan, Shum Wai, Tai Po,

                                                                Wong Shee Tong, Tony Liu, Ma Kei, Joe Cheung, Benny Lai, Yuen King Tan, 

                                                                 Shing Fui On, Kwai Chung, Canti Lau, Yi Fan Wai, Lung Fong, Gabriel Wong  


                                     Music: Roel A. Garcia   Producer: Hsu Li Hwa   Executive Producer: Eric Tsang   Director: Frankie Chan


                                If you've seen any of the Lucky Stars movies, you know the drill. A bunch of men 

                               seek their fortunes all the while trying to to score with a sexy babe who somehow

                               finds herself in cahoots with them. HOW TO MEET THE LUCKY STARS, the last in the

                                   series to date, joins the formula with the gambling genre for an entertaining 

                                                                throwback to 1980's slapstick comedies. 


                                 As expected there's loads of guest stars and cameos, opening with a tuxedoed 

                               Chen Kuan Tai reprising his title role from the 1976 film KING GAMBLER.  Ubiquitous 

                              TV star Kung Suet Fa plays Gambling Flower, a flamboyant lesbian card queen, who 

                                cheats 'King of Gamblers' Liu Tin at the Super Gambling Competition, causing him 

                                                                   such disgrace that he commits suicide. 

                                   The Lucky Stars (Richard Ng, Miu Kiu Wai, Stanley Fung and Eric Tsang, minus 

                               Charlie Chin) and King of Gambler's revenge-hungry cop daughter Liu Wai Lin are 

                                  gathered by Cho Tat Wah to train in gambling and win back her money at the

                                       next competition. Francoise (famous clubgirl "Miss China City", played by

                                           Francoise Yip) pretends to be his daughter to get the Lucky Stars

                                                                            interested in cooperating. 


                               In between ogling Francoise, the boys get gambling instruction from Cheng Pei Pei

                            (androgynous in black trenchcoat and short slick backed hair) and Nat Chan, until the

                              big day when Liu Wai Lin (played by an extremely attractive actress I'd never seen

                              before) takes on Gambling Flower at the tournament. This turns into a giant melee

                               in the gambling hall between just about everybody in the main cast. Francoise Yip

                              beats up on several guys from Jackie Chan's stunt team, Kim-Maree Penn and Mark

                                    Houghton play Gambling Flower's lethal bodyguards, and even Sammo Hung 

                                                (who is relegated to a guest star role) gets in some punches.


                               Also Nora Miao fans may like to know that although she is pictured on the poster,

                               she appears only very briefly as the tournament emcee and has maybe a minute 

                                of total screen time. Better than nothing, I guess, since as far as I know she has 

                              not appeared in a film since, and this was made in 1996.  Eric Tsang not only serves 

                               as producer and co-star but also sings the theme song. The one discovery for me 

                                   was the aforementioned actress that plays King of Gambler's daughter. Even 

                                       dressed as a 'tomboy' to seduce Gambling Flower, she's pretty stunning. 

                                         I'd have thought she would be better known a la Ng Suet Man or even

                                    Chingmy Yau, but maybe she got hitched and left the business or something.


                             HOW TO MEET THE LUCKY STARS is a fun romp with a lot of familiar faces and is worth 

                                                 a watch for Lucky Stars and gambling film enthusiasts. Bye.



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