Heroic Duo    (2003)

                                                                                                      Universe Entertainment Ltd.


                                                Cast:  Ekin Cheng, Leon Lai, Francis NgKarena Lam, Xu Jinglei, Samuel Pang 


                                                                            Director: Benny Chan Muk Sing

                                    Genre:  Action  | Drama        Rating:   Category IIB      Released:   July 31, 2003


                              Ekin and Karena in Heroic Duo  Francis Ng in Heroic Duo  Karena Lam Ka Yan in Heroic Duo

                                Benny Chan, the director of Gen-X Cops, Man Wanted, and Magic Crane, returns to

                                     action in Heroic Duo, a suspenseful, explosive cops and robbers thriller starring Leon Lai and 

                                      Ekin Cheng in their  first film collaboration. Playing Ekin's cop girlfriend in her first action role

                                       is Karena Lam. Mainland actress Xu Jing Lei joins the cast as the love interest of Leon Lai. 

                                                                                         Francis Ng (Full Alert) plays the criminal.






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