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                                     Fair Chinese beauty Yu Li has not shied away from Hong Kong cinema's proclivity

                                       for genre hopping; co-starring in dramas, comedies and even Category III product.  

                                       Among other roles, she played Sammo Hung's wife in Slickers vs. Killers and 

                                                 Simon Yam's wife in the ultra-violent A Day Without Policemen.

                                      In 1999 Yu Li's performance in the Taipei production Cop Abula won her the Best

                                       Supporting Actress Award at the 44th Asia-Pacific Film Festival held in Bangkok.


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Because of Lies          

1993 A Day Without Policemen    
  Hero of Hong Kong 1949        
  Hong Kong Godfather
  My Flying Wife
  Our Neighbor Detective
  Prison on Fire II     
  Shanghai Heroic Story
  Slickers vs. Killers     
  The Three Swordsmen 
1993 The Trail     
  Village of Widows
  Walk In
  Xiu Xiu            



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Cop Abula 



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