Wanda Yung Wai Tak

                                                                          Wanda Yung  Wanda Yung Wai Tak  

                                                                             (Yung Wai Tak, Wanda Jessica Yung, Wanda Yung Chou)      

                                                                                          Model, Actress

                                                                          Born: 1967          Height: 5' 11"


                                 For a 22 year old Wanda Yung, the 1989 Miss Hong Kong Pageant was a launch pad to a 

                                 flourishing career as a model, host and occasional actress. Awarded Most Photogenic and

                                     Best in Swimsuit, Yung soon appeared on runways and in magazines as a leading 

                                                                                        fashion model.


                                Wanda had roles in several comedies including The Romancing Star III as one of James

                                Wong's daughters, City Squeeze with Kenny Bee, and Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon

                                  (Karl Maka's fiancee). She parodied herself in the action-comedy Guns and Roses (with 

                                      Simon Yam), and played a womanizing male cop in Frankie Chan's Oh! Yes Sir! 


                                     Oh! Yes Sir! movie poster     Eric Tsang, Frankie Chan and Wanda Yung as a dude
                               In 1994 Wanda played the coach of the Devil Women's team in Andy Chin's female volleyball

                                drama Victory. She later appeared as a ruthless black clad killer in John Cheung's watery

                                                                             action film Treasure Hunter.


                                  During her film work, Wanda met actor Collin Chou. They later married and the former 

                                  Yung Wai Tak Wanda Yung Wai Tak has now changed her name to Wanda Yung Chou

                                             She and Collin are parents of twin boys and reside in the United States.


                                                       Wanda Yung Filmography

                                                                        Wanda Yung Wai Tak                                   


City Squeeze

1989 The Romancing Star III
1990 Skinny Tiger and Fatty Dragon
1993 Guns and Roses
1994 Oh! Yes Sir!
1994 Long and Winding Road
1994 Victory
2000 Treasure Hunter



                                                               Wanda in Treasure Hunter (2000)


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