Tina Chin Fei

                                                                              Tina Chin Fei  Tina Chin Fei

                                                                                                              (Chin Fei, Jin Fei, Kam Fei)      



                                  Tina Chin Fei is one of Shaw Brothers' most glamorous ladies. Professionally trained at

                                 Shaw's own acting institute, The Southern Drama Group, she performed in a wide variety of  

                                                     motion pictures, including a number of adult themed dramas.


                                  In 1967 Chin Fei played the sexy dance club hostess in the musical Hong Kong Nocturne

                                   and starred in Lo Wei's stylish pirate adventure Summons to Death. She later portrayed

                                 the red lipped crime boss in Lo Wei's The Kung Fu Kid. In 1973, pictures of her posing with

                                    Bruce Lee on the Fist of Unicorn set circulated on magazine covers. Although she was 

                                   officially recognized with an award as one of the Top 10 Stars of 1973, Tina only continued 

                                                          acting into the mid 70's before retiring from the big screen.


                                                        Tina Chin Fei Filmography

                                                                            Tina Chin Fei                                       


Angel With the Iron Fists

1975 Bar Girl   
1973 The Call Girls
1973 Deadly Chase
1968 Divorce, Hong Kong Style
1971 The Drinking Knight
1974 Everyday is Sunday
1974 Farewell Dearest 
1975 Female Fugitive
1973 Fist of Unicorn
1972 Four Riders
1972 The Fourteen Amazons
1967 Hong Kong Nocturne
1967 Interpol
1971 It Takes a Man To Be Henpecked
1989 Just Heroes   (cameo)
1967 Kiss and Kill
1974 Kissed by the Wolves
1977 The Kung Fu Kid
1974 The Little Man, Ah Fook
1974 A Mad World of Fools
1972 Madness of Love
197? The Martial Hero
1966 The Monkey Goes West
1973 Na Cha and the Seven Devils
1967 Operation Lipstick
1966 The Perfumed Arrow
1974 Sex For Sale
1967 Sing High, Sing Low
1970 The Singing Killer
1967 Summons to Death
1971 Swordsman at Large
1969 Temptress of a Thousand Faces
1974 Women of Desire


                                                 Tina Chi Fei photo       Chin Fei on a 1973 film magazine cover



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