Terence Yin Chi Wai     

                                                                         Terence Yin  Terence Yin Chi Wai

                                                                                         (Yin Chi Wai, Wan Chi Wai, Wan Tze Wai)            

                                                                                     Actor, Singer, Model

                                                        Born:  May 19, 1975      Languages:  Chinese, English

                                            Height:  5'10"   Weight:  155 lbs   Education:  University of California at Berkeley (1997)


                             Terence Yin characterizes the new breed of Asian-American actors who are making a splash

                               in Hong Kong. Yin shares the same management (JC Group) with Daniel Wu, Maggie Q  

                             and Edison Chen. His peers (who also include Stephen Fung, Lee Ann, Amanda Strang 

                                and Jaymee Ong) have more than their Western upbringing in common- they're frequent 

                            co-stars and personal friends. Unlike the others, Yin has developed a knack for playing villains 

                               in a string of youth oriented HK pictures. Terence has a distinct genetic connection to HK

                            cinema as well. His mother is 60's Eurasian actress Jenny Hu, and his father is former Shaw 

                               Brothers director Kang Wei. After retirement, the two migrated to California where Terence 

                                                                                         was raised.


                             Terence made his film debut in Yonfan's gay drama Bishonen (1998). Yin's work has included 

                                 drama, action and triad genre roles, almost all supporting. His first starring credit was in

                                  Jamie Luk's 2000 romance Home Sweet Home, followed by lead roles in triad films 

                                  Gold Fingers and Mist in Judge, opposite Ti Lung. Terence released his first album,

                                                                  Determination, in 2000, and took modeling jobs. 

                                  As his career took shape, a few of his films were set in Japan or featured Japanese cast 

                                  members- (Final Romance, Bullets of Love, and Color of Pain). Yin has deliberately 

                                 developed a Japanese following, co-starring in two of Takashi Miike's movies- City of Lost 

                                                                          Souls and Dead or Alive Final. 


                                     In 2003 Terence Yin played Simon Yam's younger brother in Paramount's summer 

                              blockbuster Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. He co-stars in Jackie Chan's 

                                                                    New Police Story as yet another villain.


                                                       Terence Yin Filmography

                                                                      Terence Yin Chi Wai                                                           


Black Mask 2: City of Masks     

1998 Bishonen    
2001 Bullets of Love  
2002 Color of Pain  
2003 Colour of the Truth  
2000 Dial D For Demons   
2001 Final Romance  
1999 Gen-X Cops  
2000 Gold Fingers  
2000 Home Sweet Home  
1998 Hot War   
2000 Lavender   (c)
2001 Martial Angels    
1999 Metade Fumaca    

Mist in Judge   

2004 New Police Story   
2004 Police Love Affairs 
2005 PTU File- Death Trap
1999 Rave Fever  
2000 Skyline Cruisers  
2003 The Trouble-Makers


                                                                                       c = cameo      


                                                                Terence Yin -American Films                                            

                                                                      Terence Yin Chi Wai


Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life



                                                     Terence Yin -Japanese Films

                                                                                        Terence Yin Chi Wai

2000 The City of Lost Souls   * 
2001 Dead or Alive Final 


                                                                            1  aka The Hazard City 



                                                     Terence Yin -Korean Films

                                                                                        Terence Yin Chi Wai

2001 Hi, Dharma!   *


                                                                * Cantonese voice dubbing for HK release   



                                                   Picture of Terence Yin in Bisonen

                                                                             Terence in Bishonen (1998).  



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