Sherming Yiu  Sherming Yiu Lok Yi

                                                                                                           (Yiu Lok Yi, Yiu Lok Yee)  


                                                     Born: September 23        Height: 5'4"        Weight: 98 lbs


                              Debuting in Wong Jing's comedy Tricky King (1998), actress Sherming Yiu Lok Yi could

                              be credited with single handedly bringing back the innocent doe eyed look. She got her first

                              big role as Simon Yam's wife in Operation Billionaires, and later became a regular in the

                            horror and thriller genres. In 2000, Sherming starred as Ti Lung's troubled daughter in High K

                                which she also helped produce. Aside from movies, Sherming Yiu is also a TVB actress.


                                                                   Sherming Yiu Filmography

                                                                                        Sherming Yiu Lok Yi


Blue Moon 

  Bodyguard For the Dead
  Day Off    
  Desirous Express  
  Esprit D'Amour
  Fourteen Days Before Suicide 
  Hanky Panky
2000 High K   (also assoc. pr)
  A Lamb in Despair  
  Last Ghost Standing
  The Lord of Amusement
  Love In Garden Street
  Market's Romance
  The Mirror
  Never Compromise
1998 Operation Billionaires  
2000 Perfect Match  
  PR Girls
  Raped By an Angel 4: The Raper's Union
  Salon Beauty  
  Super Car Criminals
2000 Treasure Hunter 
1998 Tricky King
  Troublesome Night 9
  Troublesome Night 10    
  The Untold Story III



                                                       Sherming Yiu Lok Yi



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