Roy Cheung Yiu Yeung              

                                                                            Roy Cheung  Roy Cheung Yiu Yeung

                                                                                            (Cheung Yiu Yeung, Zhang Yao Yang


                                    Born: July 20, 1963- Hong Kong     Height: 6"     Hobbies: Swimming, working out


                                      Roy Cheung has excelled at playing gangsters and bad guys for over 15 years.

                              Just as Danny Lee favors playing a cop, Roy Cheung is equally at home in the interminable

                                 Hong Kong triad genre; insuring that as long as this convincing, muscular actor chooses 

                                                                       to act, he will always have a job.


                                Roy Cheung comes from a big family. He has 3 older brothers, one younger brother, and