Petrina Fung Bo Bo

                                                                               Fung Bo Bo 馮寶寶

     (Bobo Fung, Feng Bao Bao, Fung Po PoPetrina Fung)                          

                       Actress, Singer


                                          In her career spanning five decades, Petrina Fung Bo Bo has acted in over 100

                                                                                             feature films.

                                          During the early 1960's she was so popular as a child actor that she required a

                                          small team of tutors, chauffeurs and the like while she was on and off film sets.

                                           She later went to England for a more formal education, and even learned to

                                      perform Peking Opera. Because of her father's mishandling of her money, her tuition

                                                                          had to be funded by a fan of hers.

                                        As the daughter of Cantonese actor and director Fung Fung, show business was

                                          already in the family; he sometimes cast her in his films as a child. Her sister  

                                                                          Fung So Bo is also an actress for TVB.  


                                    At age 31, Fung Bo Bo's first marriage in 1977 produced two sons, but ended in 1986. 

                                      Due to her work and lifestyle at the time she was unable to have custody of her kids. 

                                      Retiring in 1995, and wanting to escape the unrelenting spotlight which has focused

                                      on her since the age of 5, she has been living with her grown sons in Kuala Lampur,

                                       the place of her birth. Fung had grown tired of Hong Kong's materialism and says 

                                    living in Malaysia and reconnecting with her sons has been the happiest time in her life.


                                        In 1999 she secretly married a Malaysian architect, to whom she was introduced 

                                       by an ardent fan who happened to be his daughter. Fung Bo Bo has spoken of her  

                                     intention to write an autobiography, and has not ruled out returning to show business.


                                               Fung Bo Bo Filmography 


1992 92 Legendary La Rose Noire
  Awaiting the Return of a Prodigal Son at the Pavilion
1989 Beyond the Sunset
1988 Call Girl '88
1993 C'est La Vie, Mon Cherie
1988 Eighth Happiness
1995 Fake Emperor
  The Family
  Filial Piety is the Best Virtue
1992 Girls Without Tomorrow 1992     
  Goodbye Hero
1990 Hong Kong Gigolo  
  I Have a Date With Spring     
1994 It's a Wonderful Life
  Little Prime Minister
  Little Warrior in Red Butterfly
  Madam Yun
  Miss Magic
1995 Mother of a Different Kind
1994 Right Here Waiting
  The Twin Swords
1988 Women's Prison
1993 Yesteryou, Yesterme, Yesterday



                                                                                   TV Credits:


 Empress Wu 



                                                               Hong Kong Film Awards  


                                                               Best Actress Nominations- Fung Bo Bo:  

                                                                   1989    Beyond the Sunset   

                                                                   1995    Mother of a Different Kind     


                                                          Best Supporting Actress Awards- Fung Bo Bo:

                                                                   1992    92 Legendary La Rose Noire                                  

                                                                   1993    C'est La Vie, Mon Cherie




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