Pauline Chan Bo Lin              

                                                                                 Pauline Chan  Pauline Chan Bo Lin

                                                                                                            (Chan Bo Lin, Chan Po Lin)                    


                                                                             May 23, 1973 - July 31, 2002


                                       Shanghai born starlet Pauline Chan Bo Lin first entered the world of Hong Kong 

                                        entertainment as a beauty pageant contestant. It was a conventional start for an 

                                     aspiring female performer, though even for a busy erotic HK film actress, Pauline led  

                                                                           an unequivocally unconventional life. 


                                     Appearing in some 25 Hong Kong films, half of which were Category III sex pictures,

                                       Pauline Chan was one of the 1990's busiest, and most well known adult actresses. 

                                       While she often played prostitutes and concubines, she had a few forays into the  

                                      mainstream, notably in Stephen Chow's comedy From Beijing With Love (1994)

                                   and Spider Force (1992), a standard HK action picture which paired her with martial arts 

                                                                                   veteran Carter Wong.

                                   Emanating a distinct vulnerability in her roles, she frequently played victimized women 

                                     or other tragic characters. In the tradition of Shaw Yin Yin and other unstable erotic 

                                        actresses who preceded her, Pauline had an exceptionally troubled personal life

                                                   which was rabidly documented by the Hong Kong media for years.   


                                      Reports of Pauline's erratic, drunken and drug induced misadventures- being dragged 

                                    away by security for causing a ruckus in airports, assaulting a police officer in a London 

                                 hotel, and causing mass evacuation of a HK high rise when she accidentally burned down

                                    her apartment- were just a few of the noteworthy events that dominated her public image 

                                                                       as a crazy, or even possessed woman.


                                     While Pauline Chan tried to recover from her demons, members of the Hong Kong film 

                                    industry such as Eric Tsang and Mandarin Films president Raymond Wong lent their 

                                  support, but it was in vain. On July 31st, 2002, just 3 weeks after giving birth to a newborn

                                      son, Pauline leapt out the window of her Shanghai high rise apartment. She was 29.    


                                                                     Pauline Chan Filmography

                                                                                         Pauline Chan Bo Lin


0:200 AM

  All Over the World  (semi-documentary) 
  Angel the Kickboxer
  Behind the Pink Door 
1996 Boy's?
  Devil of Rape 
  The Eighth
  Erotic Ghost Story 
  Erotic Ghost Story III 
  Escape From Brothel   
1994 From Beijing With Love
  Flying Dagger
  The Girls From China
1992 Girls Without Tomorrow 
  Hong Kong Showgirls
  Hunting Evil Spirit   
  Love is Over  
  A Man of Nasty Spirit
  Paramount Motel
1997 Passionate Nights      
1991 Queen of Underworld  
  Run For Life- Ladies From China
  Sex For Sale
  She Shoots Straight   (cameo)
  Slave of the Sword     
1992 Spider Force
  A Wild Party 
  Whores From the North




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