Paul Rapovski              

                                                                                   Paul Rapovski

            Actor, Stunt Coordinator


                                           Paul Rapovski is a Canadian based stunt coordinator, stuntman and actor.

                                Having been 'killed' by Jet Li in the movie My Father is a Hero, he later played the tall villain 

                                    with the flashing light rings in Jet's last Hong Kong film, Hitman (1998). In 2001 he was 

                                                   featured in Golden Harvest's action movie Extreme Challenge.                                         


                                                                    Paul Rapovski Filmography 


1992 Spider Force
1995 My Father is a Hero  
1995 Thunderbolt  
1998 Hitman
2001 Extreme Challenge



                                                                 Paul Rapovski -American Films        


Battle Queen 2020 
Tiger Claws 2 



                                                      Paul Rapovski -American TV 


Once a Thief   *


                                                         *   fight coordinator for John Woo's television movie




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