Pai Ying

                                                                                  Pai Ying  Pai Ying

                                                                                                               (Pak Ying, Bai Ying)                  


                                                                                        Born: 1940


                                    Taiwanese actor Pai Ying found fame in King Hu's martial arts epics, and can still

                                     be seen occasionally in Hong Kong productions. Best known for his splendid villain 

                                             roles, Pai was given the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actor.


                                                                        Pai Ying Filmography 

                                                                                         Pai Ying


13 Golden Nuns 

  7 Man Army
  The 72 Desperate Rebels
1971 The Angry River
  Bloody Fight
2001 Born Wild
  The Condemned
  Cop Killer   (aka The Trap)
  The Deadly Confrontation
 1990 The Dragon From Russia 
  Dragon Gate Inn
  The Fate of Lee Khan 
  A Fist Full of Talons

Green Killer

  Hap Ki Do
  The Invincible Eight
  Lady Whirlwind
1971 Legends of Cheating
  Martial Arts
  Money and I
  No Sweat
  The Proud Horses in Flying Sand

Royal Warriors   (aka In the Line of Duty)

1980 The Savior
  The System
  Thousand Mile Escort
  A Touch of Zen
1973 Thunderbolt 
  The Valiant Ones

The Venturer





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