Mantic Yiu Chi Wan

                                                                                Mantic Yiu  Mantic Yiu Chi Wan

                                       (Yiu Chi Wan)                        


                                                                            Height:  5'4    Weight: 120 lbs.

                                                                Talents:  Singing, ballroom dancing, painting


                                Mantic Yiu Chi Wan is an actress who has performed in film, television and commercials

                                  (she once advertised a brand of peanut oil). Though she aspired to be an actress since 

                                   she was a young girl, her professional acting career did not take shape until she was 

                                                                                  already into her 30's. 

                                  At the age of 9 her uncle took her to and from Kowloon so she could participate in local 

                                  stage plays. Eventually she attempted to enter an actors training course, but, failing to 

                                      pass the entrance examination, she set her sights on becoming a dress designer.


                                      During this time she continued to audition for roles but these efforts were fruitless.

                                   At age 32, she tried to re-enter the training course and was again rejected. Then she

                                decided to study film at a Chinese university, where she and other students made a short  

                                  film which was screened at local festivals and abroad. Ironically, the prestige from this

                               effort opened the doors for acting opportunities after graduation. One break from a friend led 

                               to more and more offers, and since 1994 she has acted in many series for the ATV network.


                                                                      Mantic Yiu Filmography 

                                                                                       Mantic Yiu Chi Wan

1992 Cash on Delivery
1994 Crossings  
1993 First Shot  *
1991 Gigolo and Whore  *
1992 Girls Without Tomorrow
1990 Hong Kong Gigolo
2002 If U Care..   
1991 Powerful Four
1988 Ruthless Law
1989 The Wild Ones   *


                                                                                         * cameo



                                                                     Mantic Yiu -TV Credits

                                                                                        Mantic Yiu Chi Wan

Interpol 1997
Showbiz Tycoon



                                                           Mantic Yiu in 'Ruthless Law'

                                                             Mantic Yiu as a prostitute in Ruthless Law



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