Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing

                                                                          Leslie Cheung  Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing

                                                                                        (Cheung Kwok Wing, Zhang Guorong, Gor Gor)            

                                                                                             Actor, Singer

                                   1956-2003    Born:  September 12, 1956- Hong Kong    Languages:  Chinese, English


                                                      Leslie Cheung Filmography

                                                                          Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing                                                         


Erotic Dream of Red Chamber      

1978 Dog Bites Dog Bone                    
1980 Encore                                          
1981 Job Hunter                             
1982 Teenage Dreamers                   
1982 Energetic 21                          
1982 Nomad                              
1983 The Drummer                    
1983 First Time                                   
1983 Little Dragon Maiden                 
1984 Behind the Yellow Line                   
1984 Merry Christmas                       
1985 The Intellectual Trio                    
1985 Crazy Romance                             
1985 For Your Heart Only                    
1986 Last Song in Paris                    
1986 A Better Tomorrow                    
1987 A Chinese Ghost Story                 
1987 A Better Tomorrow  II               
1988 Rouge                                       
1988 Fatal Love                                  
1989 Aces Go Places 5                            
1990 A Chinese Ghost Story II              
1990 Days of Being Wild                          
1991 Once A Thief                                     
1991 The Banquet   (cameo)                                
1992 All's Well, Ends Well                        
1992 Arrest the Restless                          
1993 Farewell My Concubine   (CHINA)       
1993 All's Well, Ends Well Too                
1993 The Eagle Shooting Heroes  (Dong Cheng Xi Jiu)
1993 The Bride With White Hair                     
1993 The Bride With White Hair II                  
1994 It's a Wonderful Life                               
1994 He's a Woman, She's a Man                 
1994 Long and Winding Road                         
1994 Over the Rainbow, Under the Skirt   (cameo) 
1994 Ashes of Time                                            
1995 The Chinese Feast                                 
1995 The Phantom Lover   (also composer)             
1996 Tri-Star                                               
1996 Temptress Moon   (CHINA)                       
1996 Shanghai Grand                                      
1996 Who's the Woman , Who's the Man        
1996 Viva Erotica                                      
1997 Happy Together                                 
1998 Ninth Happiness                                  
1998 Anna Magdalena   (cameo)                         
1999 Moonlight Express                                 
1999 The Kid                                              
1999 A Time To Remember   (CHINA-HK)            
2000 Double Tap                                               
2000 Okinawa Rendez-vous                          
2002 Inner Senses                                   



                                                 Leslie Cheung -Movie Theme Songs

                                                                                         Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing

Aces Go Places 5   1 
Behind the Yellow Line
A Better Tomorrow
A Better Tomorrow II
The Bride With White Hair
A Chinese Ghost Story 
Double Trouble   2
Fatal Love
He's a Woman, She's a Man
The Kid
Okinawa Rendez-vous
Once a Thief
The Phantom Lover 


                                                                             1 duet with Sam Hui

                                                                             2 duet with Anita Mui



                                                             Leslie Cheung -Duets

                                                                                          Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing

Sam Hui  
Anita Mui
Anthony Wong Yiu Ming



                                                        Leslie Cheung -TV Credits

                                                                                         Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing

Agency 24 
The Fallen Family
From Ashes To Ashes   1
Once Upon an Ordinary Girl
The Spirit of the Sword
Sunset in Paris   2
The Young Concubine (RTHK)


                                                              1 anti-smoking TV special written, directed 

                                                                         by and starring Leslie Cheung

                                                      2 TVB telefilm featuring Leslie Cheung and his music



                                                              Hong Kong Film Awards

                                                                                         Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing                   

                                                            Best Actor Nominations- Leslie Cheung

                                                                            1982     Nomad

                                                                            1987     A Better Tomorow II

                                                                            1988     Rouge

                                                                            1994     He's a Woman, She's a Man

                                                                            1996     Viva Erotica

                                                                            1997     Happy Together

                                                                            2002     Inner Senses


                                                                 Best Actor Awards- Leslie Cheung

                                                                            1990     Days of Being Wild


                                                        Best Original Song Nominations- Leslie Cheung

                                                                            1995     The Phantom Lover 

                                                                                           (music, lyrics and vocals by Leslie Cheung)


                                                                       Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing


                                                                                        Leslie Cheung | 'The Kid' theme song: LITTLE STAR

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