Kent Cheng Juk Si              

                                                                                    Kent Cheng  Kent Cheng Juk Si

                                                                                                            (Cheng Juk Si, Cheng Jut Si)                        

       Actor, Director, Producer, Writer

                                                                                    Born: May 22, 1951    


                                         Kent Cheng is a distinctive Hong Kong movie heavyweight- not only as a prolific,

                                        award winning character actor but as a filmmaker as well. With roles in New Wave

                                      comedies, dramas, Category III thrillers, action, crime, and martial arts films, Cheng

                                         has remained one of the most recognizable faces on Hong Kong theatre screens

                                        since the early 1980's. He directed his first film, Beloved Daddy, in 1984, and by 

                                               1993, started his own production company- Grand River Film Ltd., which 

                                                                                      was a financial failure.

                                    With all this experience under his belt, Cheng surprised the business in the late 1990's

                                      by distancing himself from film work and focusing mostly on television. Criticizing the

                                         Hong Kong film industry's low budgets, weak scripts and poor quality standards,

                                                Kent Cheng scarcely appeared on the big screen for almost four years. 

                                                 In 2003 Kent appeared in Happy Go Lucky, starring Gillian Chung.


                                                                       Kent Cheng Filmography

                                                                                            Kent Cheng Juk Si


Heroes Two   (fighter) 

1979 Money Trip                                    
1979 Crazy Boy and Pop-Eye                     
1980 The Informer                                 
1980 Our Darling Coach                         
1980 The Savior                                    
1980 The Beasts                                  
1981 The Sweet & Sour Cops                   
1981 Murderer Pursues                          
1981 The Emperor and His Brother           
1981 The Club                                       
1981 Mobfix Patrol                               
1981 The Imp                                        
1982 The Sweet & Sour Cops Part II       
1982 He Lives By Night                       
1982 Torrid Wave                                     
1982 Funny Boys                                  
1983 Give Me Back                           
1983 The Trail                                          
1983 The Sensational Pair   (also writer)           
1983 Oh, My Cops!                                 
1983 The Turning Point                        
1984 The Comedy                                     
1984 Daring Kung Fu Refugee                   
1984 The Wrong Wedding Trail                
1984 Beloved Daddy   (also director)                 
1984 Lifeline Express                              
1985 Chase a Fortune                           
1985 Cop Busters                                      
1985 The Flying Mr. B                         
1985 Let Us Flirt, Partner                       
1985 Why Me?   (also writer, director)           
1986 Lucky Stars Go Places                       
1986 United We Stand                               
1986 A Hearty Response                          
1987 Vampire's Breakfast                       
1987 Heartbeat 100                                  
1987 Easy Money                                       
1988 The Good, the Bad & the Beauty      
1988 Walk On Fire                                     
1988 Carry on Hotel                                 
1988 The Diary of a Big Man                    
1988 The Dragon Family                              
1988 Beloved Son of God  (The Nowhere Man) (also producer)
1989 Vampire Buster                                   
1989 Mr. Sunshine                                       
1989 Run, Don't Walk                                
1989 Sentenced To Hang                              
1990 The Fortune Code   (also co-exec. producer, director)        
1990 The Spooky Family                               
1990 Family Day                                              
1990 Dragon in Jail   (director)                                    
1990 Ghost Legend                                            
1991 To Be Number One                                     
1991 Once Upon a Time in China                      
1991 Spiritual Trinity                                            
1991 Legend of the Brothers                             
1991 Sex and Zen                                                  
1992 Powerful Four                                                  
1992 Lethal Contact   (also co-director)                               
1992 Fun and Fury                                                
1992 The Twilight of the Forbidden City  (also co-producer) 
1992 Lucky Encounter                                     
1992 The Prince of Temple Street                         
1992 Dr. Lamb                                                   
1993 Lord of East China Sea                             
1993 Run and Kill                                               
1993 Ms. Butterfly                                                 
1993 Lord of East China Sea II                                  
1993 Hero of Hong Kong 1949                             
1993 Crime Story                                                       
1993 Vendetta                                                            
1993 Kidnap of Wong Chak Fai                             
1993 Man of the Times                                            
1994 The Gods Must Be Funny in China                 
1994 Wonder Seven                                                 
1994 The Most Wanted                                       
1994 Bloody Brothers                                            
1994 The Kung Fu Scholar                                  
1994 Let's Go Slam Dunk                                        
1994 The Bodyguard From Beijing                     
1994 Ancient Chinese Whorehouse                        
1994 Beginner's Luck   (also director, co-writer)