Karen Mok Man Wai (Karen Morris)              

                                                                                 Karen Mok  Karen Mok Man Wai (Karen Morris)

                                                                       (Mok Man Wai, Karen Joy Morris, Karen Morris, Mo Wen Wei

                       Actress, Singer   

                                      Born: June 2, 1970- Hong Kong        Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, English


                                   Multi-talented and multi-faceted, Karen Mok Man Wai has been highly successful at

                                marketing her abilities to the public. Intelligence, sex appeal and an amicable relationship 

                                        with the media have all added up to superstardom for the precocious pop star. 


                               Raised in Hong Kong and educated in England, Karen (birth name: Karen Joy Morris) is an 

                                exotic mix of influences and ancestry. She claims Chinese, Welsh, Persian, and German 

                               heritage- speaks fluent English with a light British accent, and sings in both Cantonese and 

                               Mandarin. Infatuated with Italian culture, Karen studied Italian literature in London and Italy

                               before returning to Hong Kong and launching her singing career in 1993. Her songs, which 

                             covered topics such as love, relationships, and women's independence, struck a cord with the 

                                  public. She recorded Chinese and English versions of two of her early hits, the feminist 

                                            anthems 'I Say' and 'Love Yourself'- fitting captions to her can-do attitude.

                             Like Cantopop diva Faye Wong before her, Karen captured attention as an actress in a Wong

                              Kar Wai film. Her role as the bleached-blonde girlfriend of Leon Lai in Fallen Angels (1995) 

                                   earned her a Best Supporting Actress Award, and catapulted her into the big leagues.


                                                             Fallen Angels- Karen Mok Man Wai                     Kitchen- Karen Mok Man Wai

                              Karen's films- comedies, action, and dramas- placed her in the company of such co-stars as 

                               Jordan Chan, Eric Kot, Jet Li, and Leslie Cheung. In 1996 alone, she was in 7 movies, 

                              and her breezy ballad from Viva Erotica, despite being barely audible in the film, got a Best 

                                                       Original Song nomination at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

                             Mok's profile also rose significantly as a recurring co-star in the comedies of box office champ 

                            Stephen Chow Sing Chi, to whom she was romantically linked for years. To date, Karen has 

                                                           appeared in 7 of his films, more than any other actress.


                                 Karen Mok has deliberately sold herself as an alternative to the formulaic, pre-packaged

                             Cantopop that permeates the landscape. Despite her unpolished vocal ability, she has turned 

                               out music that is commercial and creative. Her 2001 release 'Golden Flower', produced by

                              Taiwanese musician Wu Bai, is an exceptionally experimental album combining electronica 

                              and pop. Much of her other music is purely mainstream, mixing R&B, folk, dance, and rock.

                              Mok has always played with her image- shaving her head, posing nude on her album covers,

                               and frollicing provocatively on stage during her live performances. In public, she can be coy 

                              and playful, outspoken, or philosophical. These contrasting qualities have complemented her

                                     film roles- girlish innocence in Black Mask, edgy spunk in Sexy and Dangerous


                              Karen raised eyebrows when she played an ugly snaggle-toothed street vendor in Stephen

                                 Chow's The God of Cookery. She also ditched any trace of vanity in Shaolin Soccer

                              (as a mustached soccer player) and The Irresistible Piggies (2002) (as a hairy neanderthal 

                               woman).Yet Karen remains an object of desire to the male species on at least a couple of

                                continents. Ms. Morris recently co-starred with Vicki Zhao Wei and Shu Qi in So Close

                                          and fought with Jackie Chan as the villainess 'General Fang' in Disney's

                                                                          Around the World in 80 Days.


                                                                      Karen Mok Filmography

                                                                                        Karen Mok Man Wai (Karen Morris)


Family Affairs                               

1995 A Chinese Odyssey Part One- Pandora's Box
1995 A Chinese Odyssey Part Two- Cinderella          
1995 Those Were the Days                     
1995 Out of the Dark                               
1995 Heaven Can't Wait                      
1995 Fallen Angels                                
1996 Sexy and Dangerous                
1996 Young and Dangerous 3               
1996 Best of the Best                        
1996 4 Faces of Eve                            
1996 Black Mask                            
1996 Viva Erotica                                
1996 The God of Cookery                 
1997 Young and Dangerous 4               
1997 Kitchen                                 
1997 Lawyer, Lawyer                         
1997 Task Force                                
1997 First Love: the litter on the breeze 
1999 King of Comedy                             
1999 Tempting Heart                      
2000 Dragon Heat                                   
2000 The Teacher Without Chalk                  
2000 Roaring Wheels                             
2001 Goodbye Mr. Cool                  
2001 Shaolin Soccer   (cameo)                          
2001 La Brassiere   (cameo)                     
2001 All the Way   (CHINA)                      
2002 Red Snow   (CHINA)                        
2002 The Irresistible Piggies           
2002 So Close                      
2002 Haunted Office                    
2003 The Twins Effect   (cameo)        
2004 Around the World in 80 Days   (USA)  
2004 Enter the Phoenix                    
2004 Dragon Blade   (voice for animated film)
2005 Wait Till You're Older




                                               Karen Mok- American Re-releases

                                                                                       Karen Mok Man Wai (Karen Morris)

Black Mask 



                                                 Karen Mok- Movie Theme Songs

                                                                                        Karen Mok Man Wai (Karen Joy Morris)

Best of the Best

Black Mask 
A Chinese Odyssey Part One- Pandora's Box
King of Comedy
Viva Erotica



                                                             Karen Mok -Duets

                                                                                        Karen Mok Man Wai (Karen Joy Morris)

Chang Hung Liang

Emil Chau
Julian Cheung Chi Lam
Huang Pin Yuan
Richie Ren 
Tarcy Su
Wu Bai



                                                               Karen Mok-TV Credits 

                                                                                        Karen Mok Man Wai (Karen Joy Morris)

1995 Hong Kong Film Awards   *


                                                             * presenter (receives a kiss from Richard Ng)



                                                                Hong Kong Film Awards

                                                                                          Karen Mok Man Wai (Karen Joy Morris)            

                                                          Best Supporting Actress Awards- Karen Mok

                                                                              1995     Fallen Angels


                                                                Best Actress Nominations- Karen Mok

                                                                              1996     God of Cookery


                                                                Best Original Song Awards- Karen Mok

                                                                  1996     Viva Erotica (performed by Karen Mok)


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