Junna Risa              

                                                                                        Junna Risa 

                                                                                                                       (Risa Junna)

                Model, Actress, Singer  

          Born: March 15, 1971- Osaka, Japan


                                     Formerly a model, Junna Risa began acting in stage plays and musicals, and was

                                 soon appearing in Japanese TV dramas, most famously the hit series "Love Generation".

                                    (Also popular in Hong Kong, the show later became the basis of Wong Jing's movie 

                                   Love Generation Hong Kong). Her own Hong Kong film debut was also a romance,

                                                                             but of a decidedly different sort. 


                                  Jacob Cheung's Midnight Fly (2001) starred Anita Mui and Junna Risa as two tourists 

                                who meet during travels through Europe and North Africa, and discover that they are both

                                  involved with the same man (Simon Yam). The dialogue was mostly in English, which

                                 meant Junna had to master the language for her role as Miki, Yam's Japanese mistress.

                                    The role takes a far darker tone when her character is kidnapped by Moroccan slave 

                                     traders and forced into prostitution. Her efforts were rewarded with a Golden Horse 

                                      nomination for Best Supporting Actress; plus a nomination for Best Original Song, 

                                                                      which she performed for the soundtrack. 


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