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                                                     Japanese Actors in HK Cinema

                                    Though Japanese cinema is an acknowledged influence on many HK filmmakers, 

                              resentment over the occupation of China during World War II, and the tens of millions

                                  of Chinese murdered by the Japanese military, pervaded HK martial arts films for

                            decades. Historically, most Japanese characters were portrayed as villains, and with few

                                                        exceptions, were generally played by Chinese actors.  


                             From the late 1960's-early 70's, Japan's Inoue Umetsugu wrote and directed a string of 

                              successful HK musicals, romances and dramas for Shaw Brothers. Not only were these

                                       films purely from a Chinese perspective, but typically a female one as well.

                                Japanese and Chinese swordplay films were famously united when Shintaro Katsu's

                                      blind swordsman confronted Jimmy Wang Yu's appendage-missing warrior in

                             Zatoichi Meets the One-Armed Swordsman (1971). Only one Japanese martial arts star,

                               Yasuaki Kurata, succeeded as a leading man in Hong Kong. While he played bad guys

                                  on occasion, Kurata was able to spend the majority of his HK career starring in

                                                   Cantonese language kung fu films, often as the protagonist. 

                             In the late 80's, Yukari Oshima developed into Hong Kong's first major female Japanese 

                                action star in Hong Kong. The early 1990's generated the debut of half-Taiwanese

                                film star Takeshi Kaneshiro, a young actor whose thriving career in Hong Kong later

                             led to leading roles in Japan. Japanese actors have figured more and more in Hong Kong

                             productions in recent years, just as HK actors have increasingly shown up in Japanese

                                    films. Producers and financiers find the cross-cultural collaborations especially

                                            appealing, as the mixture helps ensure profitably in both markets.


                         Japanese Actors in Hong Kong Film

                                                            Actors                 Actresses 


 Hiroshi Abe  Ikeda Akiko
 Sonny Chiba  Chikako Aoyama
 Riki Hashimoto   Nadeki Fujimi
 Hayama Go  Noriko Fujiwara
 Takeshi Kaneshiro  Kumiko Goto
 Masaya Kato  Yu Hayami
 Nishimura Kazuhiko   Asuka Higuchi
 Sato Keiji   Yoshie Kashiwabara
 Yasuaki Kurata  Seina Kasugai
 Rikiya Kurokawa  Michiko Nishiwaki
 Tatsuya Nakadai  Yukari Oshima    
 Tetsuya Matsui   Junna Risa
 Toru Nakamura  Noriko Sakai
 Hiroyuki Sanada  Nakayama Shinobuko
 Kenya Sawada  Hisako Shirata
 Takashi Sorimachi  Takako Tokiwa
 Akira Takarada   Yasuko Tomita
 Tetsuro Tamba  Mirai Yamamoto



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