Hon Kwok Choi

                                                                        Hon Kwok Choi Hon Kwok Choi

                                                                                    (Han Kwok Choi, Hon Kwok Tsui, Han Kuo Tsai) 



                                     Though his scrawny build might not suggest it, Hon Kwok Choi was among kung fu

                                    cinema's best acrobatic performers. He specialized in sidekick and freak roles, usually

                                           either comic or tragic characters in kung fu and crime films of the 1970's. 

                                 Though most of these roles were supporting, he did have bigger parts in kung fu films such 

                                  as Budo Wing, The Four Invincibles, and Ten Tigers of Shaolin. Yet Hon Kwok Choi

                                 also got to star in Shaw Brothers comedies such as Crazy Imposters, Double Cross and

                                                                                  The Reckless Cricket.


                               Hon is also visible in The Chinese Connection, in which Bruce Lee's nunchaku nearly took 

                               off his kneecaps, and played Jackie Chan's pal in Chan's first starring role, The Little Tiger 

                               of Canton. As 'Squealie' in the Aces Go Places films, he was Sylvia Chang's informer (and 

                                   punching bag). In 2003, Hon Kwok Choi guest starred as a wall crawling thief and fought 

                                 with Andy Lau in Running on Karma. As skilled as he is physically, Hon Kwok Choi will 

                                                                           always be best known  for comedy. 


                                                                   Hon Kwok Choi Filmography

                                                                                           Hon Kwok Choi


The Anonymous Heroes

1972 Fist of Fury   (The Chinese Connection)
1972 The Bloody Fists
1973 Rage of the Wind                         
1973 The Little Tiger of Canton   (Master With Cracked Fingers) 
1975 Bruce, D-Day Macau   (Little Superman)          
1976 Homicides- The Criminals Part II   
1977 Crack Shadow Boxers                        
1977 Negotiation                       
1977 Ironside 426                             
1978 Gang of Four                            
1978 Kung Fu Means Fists, Strikes and Sword       
1978 The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
1978 Horses                                                   
1978 Island of Virgins                   
1978 By Hook or By Crook                    
1978 The Big Number                              
1978 Crazy Imposters                                
1978 Double Cross                                   
1978 Ten Tigers of Shaolin                        
1979 Dragon's Claws               
1979 Vice Squad 633                
1979 The Reckless Cricket         
1979 Jeet Kune the Claws and the Supreme Kung Fu  (Fist of Fury II)
1979 My Kung Fu Twelve Kicks   (Incredible Master Beggars)  
1979 The Gold Connection   (Iron Dragon Strikes Back)              
1979 Payoff                              
1979 Budo Wing                    
1979 Ruthless Revenge   (Invincible Kung Fu)           
1979 The Four Invincibles                      
1980 Bruce the King of Kung Fu            
1980 We're Going To Eat You              
1980 The Desperate Trio                
1980 The Fool Escape                         
1981 Beware of Pickpockets                  
1981 Twins of Kung Fu   (Passage of the Dragon)   
1981 Little Things Mean a Lot                  
1981 Money is Lovely                         
1981 The Gambler and His Jung Fu Master    
1981 The Mad Mad Mad Sailors                 
1981 Chasing Girls   (cameo)                        
1982 Crazy Horse and Intelligent Monkey  
1982 Aces Go Places             
1982 Green Killer                      
1982 Hex after Hex                   
1982 Godfather From Canton            
1982 Man Crazy                                  
1983 Duel to the Death                                         
1983 Aces Go Places II                                         
1983 Fearless Hyena II                                   
1984 Ugly Tycoon                                              
1985 Wives & Lovers                                      
1989 Live Hard
1996 To Be No. 1 
2003 Running on Karma   




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