Francoise Yip Fong Wah     

                                                                          Francoise Yip   Francoise Yip Fong Wah

                                                                                     (Yip Fong Wah, Yeh Fang Hua, Francoise C.J. Yip) 


                                                                 Born:  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada   


                                       French-Chinese Vancouver native Francoise Yip was introduced to audiences in 

                                      Jackie Chan's Rumble in the Bronx (1995), receiving two Hong Kong Film Award  

                                  nominations including Best Newcomer. What followed was a string of femme fatale roles;

                                       including the Category III films Wild and the Fatal Attraction retread Infatuation.


                                  In 1997 Francoise left Hong Kong to pursue her career in North America, enjoying a high 

                                  profile when Rumble in the Bronx was re-released and became #1 in America. She was 

                                      the only actor to dub her own lines in English when the Jet Li film Black Mask was

                                repackaged for the U.S. market in 1998. She has since performed in some American movies 

                                      and television series and is featured in the independent Canadian romantic comedy

                                                                               Lunch With Charles (2001).                         


                                                                    Francoise Yip Filmography                                                                                        Francoise Yip Fong Wah                        


Rumble in the Bronx

1995 Infatuation   
1996 Wild 
1996 How to Meet the Lucky Stars
1996 On Fire 
1996 Mr. Mumble
1996 Black Mask    

Enjoy Yourself To-night          

1997 Web of Deception


                                                                 Francoise Yip -American Films                                            

                                                                                         Francoise Yip Fong Wah


The Pledge    
Romeo Must Die *     


                                                                                         * cameo


                                              Francoise Yip -American Rereleases                                             

                                                                                         Francoise Yip Fong Wah

Black Mask   *

Rumble in the Bronx   


                                               * Francoise also dubbed her own voice for the 1998 U.S. release



                                                     Francoise Yip -Canadian Films 

                                                                                        Francoise Yip Fong Wah

2001 Lunch With Charles



                                                Francoise Yip -American Television

                                                                       Francoise Yip Fong Wah

7 Days  *
Dark Angel  *
Earth: Final Conflict *
Millenium  *


                                                                                      * guest star



                                                                   Hong Kong Film Awards

                                                                                             Francoise Yip Fong Wah     

                                                        Best Supporting Actress Nomination- Francoise Yip

                                                                            1995    Rumble in The Bronx 


                                                           Best New Performer Nomination- Francoise Yip

                                                                            1995    Rumble in The Bronx 



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