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                                              Westerners have appeared in Hong Kong films for decades- as

                                             extras, supporting actors, co-stars and very rarely, as the star.

                                  The first foreigner to headline HK films was Ron Van Clief. Jim Kelly, Brandon

                                      Lee and Shannon Lee have all starred in one HK movie respectively, yet

                                        the best known round-eyed star to make it in Hong Kong was blonde
                                                             American martial artist Cynthia Rothrock.

                                 As Hong Kong cinema broadens its market internationally, more non-Chinese
                                    performers are called upon to appear in its productions. The most recent
                               trend is to collaborate with Japanese stars. Hong Kong is also partnering with
                                    Korean and Singaporean actors to further diversify its audience in Asia.


                           Foreign Actors in Hong Kong Film 


                                                               Actors                 Actresses

 Alexander  Agnes Aurelio
 Brad Allan  Irene Santiago Casiano
 Stephan Berwick  Sophia Crawford
 Ken Boyle  Lee Ann D'Alexandry
 Chang Chen  Maria Delores Forner
 Sonny Chiba  Ruth Fairlie Kordick
 Glen Chin  Evelyne Kraft
 Winston Ellis  Michiko Nishiwaki
 Jeff Falcon  Jaymee Ong
 Bruce Fontaine  Parwana
 Paul Fonoroff  Kim-Maree Penn
 Mickey Hardt  Phyllis Quek
 Roy Horan  Cynthia Rothrock
 Brent Houghton  Mallika Sherawat
 Mark Houghton  Yasuko Tomita
 Thomas Hudak  Birte Tove
 Brian Ireland  Irene Tsu
 John Ladalski  Fann Wong
 Michael Ian Lambert  Yu Hayami
 Bill Lake  Zhang Ziyi
 George Lazenby  
 Bey Logan  
 Vincent Lyn  
 Eddie Maher  
 Daniel Mintz  
 Anders Nelsson  
 Chuck Norris  
 Richard Norton  
 Jude Poyer  
 Russ Price  
 Trovador Ramos  
 Paul Rapovski  
 Ronnie Ricketts  
 Louis Roth  
 John Salvitti   
 Bobby Samuels  
 Kenya Sawada  
 Carl Scott  
 Darren Shahlavi  
 Bozidar Smiljanic  
 Ron Smoorenburg  
 Tetsuro Tamba  
 Eugene Thomas  
 Vincent Tuataane  
 Benny 'The Jet' Urquidez  
 Ron Van Clief  
 Steve Sanders  
 Donnie Williams  
 Russell Wong  
 Michael Woods   



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