Ekin Cheng Yee Kin

                                                                                  Ekin Cheng  Ekin Cheng Yee Kin

                                                                              (Cheng Yee Kin, Cheng Yi Kin, Dior Cheng, Noodle Cheng)  

                                                                                                                Actor, Singer

                    Born:  October 4, 1967


                                              Ekin Cheng Yee Kin is one of Hong Kong's most popular entertainers.

                                   He started his career by enrolling in TVB's Artists Training Course, and began co-hosting

                                    the children's program Shuttle 430. It wasn't long before he was starring in highly rated 

                                      dramas. Ekin made his film debut as a nerdy virgin who falls for Carina Lau in Girls 

                                  Without Tomorrow (1992). He soon signed with BMG records and launched a successful 

                                               singing career, continuing to act as he developed his growing idol status.


                                In 1996 Ekin starred as triad member Chan Ho Nam in the smash hit Young & Dangerous.

                                    The movie spawned four other sequels in which he starred, and led to other heroic lead

                                 roles in high profile action pictures such as The Legend of Speed, A Man Called Hero 

                                  and The Stormriders. His films are frequently tied in with current fads in popular culture-

                                      video games, comics, and other trends which tend to appeal to younger audiences.           

                                  Working in high budget releases for filmmakers like Andrew Lau, Jingle Ma and Wong 

                                     Jing, Ekin came to be one of HK's most purely commercial actors, a position which    

                                                        has won him few awards, but many fans all throughout Asia. 


                                   Though his well publicized breakup with actress Maggie Siu hurt his image temporarily,

                                      Ekin has kept a positive relationship with the public. Ever the good guy, Ekin played

                                        the flashy, mustached villain in Johnnie To's Running Out of Time 2 (2002) for a

                                       change in character. With recent roles in big budget action films The Twins Effect 

                                             and Heroic Duo, Ekin's commercial success shows no signs of waning.


                                                                        Ekin Cheng Filmography

                                                                                          Ekin Cheng Yee Kin


Girls Without Tomorrow  

1993 Boys Are Easy
1993 Future Cops
1994 Always Be the Winners
1994 Let's Go Slam Dunk
1994 Mermaid Got Married     
1994 Return To a Better Tomorrow
1994 Why Wild Girls
1995 Mean Street Story
1995 I'm Your Birthday Cake 
1996 Young and Dangerous
1996 Young and Dangerous 2
1996 Young and Dangerous 3
1996 Feel 100%
1996 Feel 100%... Once More
1997 Young and Dangerous 4
1997 We're No Bad Guys
1998 Young and Dangerous 5
1998 Portland Street Blues   (cameo)
1998 The Stormriders  
1998 Hot War
1999 A Man Called Hero
1999 The Legend of Speed
2000 Tokyo Raiders
2000 Dragon Heat
2000 The Duel
2000 Those Were the Days   (cameo)
2000 Born To Be King
2000 Help!!!
2000 For Bad Boys Only
2000 Goodbye Mr. Cool
2001 The Legend of Zu
2001 The Avenging Fist   (cameo) 
2001 Running Out of Time 2
2002 Second Time Around
2002 Women From Mars
2002 My Wife is 18 
2003 The Twins Effect   
2003 My Dream Girl   
2003 Heroic Duo
2003 The Floating Landscape
2003 Anna in Kungfu-land
2004 Protégé de la Rose Noire
2004 6 Strong Guys
2004 Abnormal Beauty   (cameo) 
2004 Leave Me Alone
2005 It Had To Be You
2005 Divergence
2006 My Name is Fame



                                                            Ekin Cheng -Television Credits

                                                                                        Ekin Cheng Yee Kin

Chor Lau Heung 2001

Duke of Mount Deer 2000
Killer's Codes
Knot to Treasure
The Modern Love Story IV
Rage and Passion
Shuttle 430 
A Tale of One City
The Zu Mountain Saga



                                                   Ekin Cheng -Movie Theme Songs

                                                                                         Ekin Cheng Yee Kin

Born to Be King

Hot War
The Legend of Speed
A Man Called Hero
Running Out of Time 2
The Stormriders
Tokyo Raiders
Young and Dangerous
Young and Dangerous 2
Young and Dangerous 3
Young and Dangerous 4




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