Cheung Siu Fai  張兆輝

                                                                                                                     (Eddie Cheung)      



                                  Actor Cheung Siu Fai is a veteran of the small screen, best known for his work for TVB.

                                    More recently, Cheung has increased his profile by acting in the films of Johnnie To's

                                Milkyway Image, garnering a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his role as a hard-nosed

                                                                     detective in Running on Karma (2003).


                                                             Eddie Cheung Siu Fai Filmography



Eastern Condors   (cameo)

1989 Hearts, No Flowers
1990 Fatal Passion
1993 The Bare-footed Kid
2003 Running on Karma
2004 Breaking News
2004 Throw Down
2005 The Unusual Youth
2005 Election
2005 The House 



                                                              Cheung Siu Fai -TV Credits 


Against the Blade of Honor 

Ancient Heroes
Armed Reaction II
Be My Guest
Being Honest
Beyond Love
The Black Sabre
Class of Disobedience 
Cold Blood Warm Heart
Dark Tales
Dark Tales III
Deadly Showdown
An Elite's Choice
The Emperor and I
Episodic Drama 
The Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain 1999 
Food of Love
The Fugitives   (telefilm)
The Hero From Shanghai
Heroes From Shaolin
The Hitman Chronicles
The Hunter's Prey
I Can't Accept Corruption
ICAC Investigators 1998
The Making Of A Gentleman
Plain Love
The Reincarnation of Wai
The Road Runner
Road To Eternity
The Saga of the Lost Kingdom
The Self Within
A Tale of One City
The Turbulent Decade
Ultra Protection
Unnatural Born Killer
Where I Belong
Withered in the Wind  



                                                             Hong Kong Film Awards


                                                 Best Supporting Actor Awards- Eddie Cheung Siu Fai

                                                                        2004     Running on Karma



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