Carol "Do Do" Cheng Yu Ling              

                                                                                 Carol 'DoDo' Cheng

                                                                           (Cheng Yu Ling, Carol Cheng, Do Do Cheng, Cheng Yue Ling)

                     Actress, TV Host 

                                                                             Born: September 9th, 1957


                                 In the late 1970's and early-mid 1980's, Carol 'DoDo' Cheng was one of HK television's

                                 leading actresses, starring in a number of classic TVB series. Yet DoDo's movie career 

                                      eventually surpassed her success in television. In 1983, she made her film debut 

                                           alongside her most frequent TV co-star- Chow Yun Fat, in The Last Affair,

                                    winning the Best Newcomer award at the HKFA. From there her output increased

                                        so significantly that at one point she was working on 9 films simultaneously, 

                                                              earning her the nickname "Nine films Cheng".  

                                 DoDo can do it all but she is best known as a comedienne. She has made a total of five

                                    films with Chow Yun Fat, whom she also was romantically involved with at one time. 

                                     Cheng has also had lengthy relationships with Kam Kwok Leung and Lui Fong


                                        A new generation of Hong Kong audiences know DoDo as the host of TVB's hit

                                      Chinese version of the quiz show The Weakest Link, which has the largest cash

                                   prize ever offered on a local game show. Like other events she has hosted, the show

                                    exhibits her strength, poise and quick wit that have made her one of the best known 

                                                 entertainment personalities in the Special Administrative Region. 


                                                            Carol 'DoDo' Cheng Filmography


All Night Long

Armour of God II: Operation Condor
The Banquet   (c)
BB 30
Brief Encounter In Shinjuku
Burning Sensation
The Crazy Companies II
Doubles Cause Troubles
The Eighth Happiness
Frugal Game
Ghost in the House 
Gift From Heaven
Heart Against Hearts
Heart Into Hearts
Heart to Hearts
Her Fatal Ways
Her Fatal Ways II
Her Fatal Ways III
Her Fatal Ways IV
Holy Weapon
It's a Wonderful Life
The Killer's Love
Last Affair
Law or Justice
Master Wong vs. Master Wong
Moon, Stars & Sun
Mr. Handsome
Mr. Possessed
My Rice Noodle Shop
My Will, I Will
Never Ending Summer
No Compromise
The Nobles
Now You See Love... Now You Don't
Once a Black Sheep
The Other Half
Promising Miss Bowie
Queen of Gamble
Queen's Bench III
The Romancing Star
Second To None
She Starts Fire
Sister Cupid
Slickers vs. Killers
Tiger Cage
Tiger Cage II
To Catch a Thief
The Top Bet
Women's Prison
Wonder Women
The Yuppie Fantasia


                                                                                       c = cameo



                                                         Carol 'DoDo' Cheng -TV Credits 



20th Hong Kong Film Awards   *    

  The Fate
  Girl With a Suitcase
1978 The Gold Dagger Romance
  The Haunting
  The Legend of Lady Ching
  Man in the Net   1
  The New Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
  The Price of Growing Up
  War of the Genders
  The Weakest Link