Clarence Fok  霍耀良

                                                                                             (Fok Yiu Leung, Clarence Ford, Huo Yao Liang)

                 Director, Producer, Actor   


                                 Clarence Fok Yiu Leung (also known as Clarence Ford) began his career at a young age

                                 as a scriptwriter and director for TVB. He went on to direct feature films, and is most famous

                                   for the sensual violence of his 1992 release, Naked Killer. He directed Andy Lau in Lau's

                                        first triad role, On the Wrong Track, for Shaw Bros. He later directed Yuen Biao in 

                                        The Iceman Cometh, a martial arts time-travel fantasy. In 1990 he became the first 

                                     Hong Kong director to film in Moscow with the film The Dragon From Russia, starring 

                                    Sam Hui and Maggie Cheung. Fok directed Alan Tang in his final two films, and gave

                                     Almen Wong her breakthrough role in the 1998 action movie Her Name is Cat in 1998.

                                        Cheap Killers, starring Alex Fong and Sunny Chan was released the same year, 

                                             echoing the fatalism, raw violence and homosexual undertones of Naked Killer. 

                                    Clarence has also appeared as an actor in several comedies, such as Golden Harvest's 

                                                                                1986 film Naughty Boys.


                                                                  Clarence Fok Filmography


1981 Job Hunter
1983 On the Wrong Track
1984 Before Dawn
1984 Wrong Wedding Trail
1985 Let's Make Laugh II   (actor)
1985 Police Story   (cameo)
1986 Naughty Boys   (actor)          
1987 Armour of God   (cameo)
1987 Happy Go Lucky   (actor)
1987 The Enchanting Night   (actor)
1988 The Greatest Lover           
1989 They Came To Rob Hong Kong          
1989 The Iceman Cometh                
1990 Chicken a la Queen   (producer)    
1990 The Dragon From Russia   (also producer)
1992 Gun N' Rose                      
1992 Naked Killer                         
1993 Remains of a Woman                 
1993 The Black Panther Warriors        
1995 Passion 1995                                    
1996 Thunder Cop                                 
1996   On Fire                                           
1998   Her Name is Cat                            
1998 Cheap Killers                                  
1999 The HK Triad                         
1999 Body Weapon   (actor)       
1999 Century of the Dragon                
2000 Don't Look Back... Or You'll Be Sorry!
2000 Queen of Kowloon                     
2001 Martial Angels                         
2001 Stowaway                                
2003 The New Option: Undercover              
2003 The New Option: Assault Team           
2003 The New Option: The Assassin        
2003 The New Option: Savior                  
2003 The New Option: Sniper                   
2003 The New Option: The Syndicate        
2003 The New Option: Back To Battle        

The New Option: Point of No Return  


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