Chu Tet Wu

                                                                            Chu Tet Wu  Chu Tet Wu

                                                                                                                    (Chu Tit Wo)                    



                                       Like Eddy Ko, martial arts actor Chu Tet Wu has an authorative and menacing 

                                      presence appropriate for 'serious' film roles, and the martial arts skills to back up  

                                   the image. In Crystal Fist, he was the main villain opposite Billy Chong. In the 1982

                                     police drama Green Killer, Chu acted as Simon Yam's partner in the police force. 

                                      He played Sharla Cheung Man's father in the Jet Li movie Last Hero in China,  

                                    and his fiery gangster character gave Max Mok and Stephen Chow a hard time in

                                   the triad drama Lung Fung Restaurant. Jackie Chan spit chewed up chilli peppers 

                                                                      in Chu Tet Wu's face in Project A 2.  

                                           Chu plays in TVB serials as well - many of which are martial arts oriented.


                                                                   Chu Tet Wu Filmography

                                                                                        Chu Tet Wu


8 Diagram Pole Fighter     

  Blood Money      
  Crazy Horse and Intelligent Monkey
  Crystal Fist
  Crystal Hunt   (c)
  The Fighting Dragon   *
1978 For Whom To Be Murdered
1982 Green Killer
1993 Last Hero in China
1979 Law Don
1990 Lung Fung Restaurant
1989 Miracles   +
  Project A II
1981  The Sword Stained With Royal Blood 


                                                                       c = cameo       * miniscule part

                                                                       + aka Mr. Canton & Lady Rose



                                                               Chu Tet Wu -Television Credits

                                                                                        Chu Tet Wu 

Blood Stained Intrigue

The Hero From Shanghai
Mystery of the Twin Swords
The New Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre
The Return of the Condor Heroes 1995
Weapons of Power
Wong Fei Hong




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