Chiang Kam

                                                                                      Chiang Kam  Chiang Kam 

                                                                                                                      (Chiang Chin)                  



                                    Chiang Kam appeared in three of director Yuen Wo Ping's most famous early works-

                                          Drunken Master, Snake in the Eagle's Shadow and Magnificent Butcher. 

                                     His face will be most recognized by Jackie Chan fans, since Chiang acted in five of 

                                      Jackie's films between 1976 and 1980. This led to a larger part in the re-assembled 

                                         Little Tiger of Canton, Jackie's first starring role which was later re-edited with 

                                                     new footage and marketed as Master With Cracked Fingers.


                                                        Chiang Kam Filmography

                                                                                           Chiang Kam


Drunken Master

  The Eagle's Killer
  Fast Fingers 
  Hong Kong Playboys
  The Kung Fu Kid   1
  Lackey and the Lady Tiger
  The Little Tiger of Canton   2
  Magnificent Butcher
  New Fist of Fury
  The Prominent Eunuch Chen Ho
  Rolls, Rolls I Love You
  Searching For Love
  Shaolin Wooden Men
1978 Snake in the Eagle's Shadow
  Young Master   3


                                                                    1  small part  

                                                                    2  aka Master With Cracked Fingers

                                                                    3  also stunt double for Fan Mui Sang




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