Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi              

                                                                               Cecilia Cheung Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi

                                                                                        (Cheung Pak Chi, Zhang Bo Zhi, Cheung Pak Ji)            

                       Actress, Singer

                                      Born: May 24th, 1980- Hong Kong      Languages: Chinese, English      Height: 5'5"


                                  Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi exploded onto the scene in 1999 with two disparate HK movies-  

                                    Stephen Chow's King of Comedy, and Jingle Ma's romance Fly Me To Polaris, for 

                                          which she received Best New Performer honors at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

                                    Her popularity skyrocketed from that point forward- and on top of her acting duties, she 

                                     embarked on a singing career and accepted numerous endorsements. Not bad for an 

                                      untrained teenager whose only prior professional experience was a Hi-C commercial.


                                  Golden Harvest boss Raymond Chow declared Cheung Hong Kong cinema's new "It" girl-  

                                 and she was- yet her overnight success was coupled with the standard burdens of celebrity. 

                                   A regular subject of gossip in the Hong Kong tabloids, she is heavily stalked by the local

                                    paparazzi. Her background was also ripe for the news rags- raised partially in Australia,

                                       Cecilia had a tenuous relationship with her father, a man associated with the triads.


                                    Cecilia's incessant workload kept her name on the front page, but the pressure took its

                               inevitable toll on the young star. In early 2002 a car stunt gone wrong performed for a television 

                               broadcast seriously injured her spine, forcing Cheung to relinquish some acting commitments 

                                                                         while she recovered in the hospital.         


                              Cecilia Cheung's often discussed real life relationship with singer/actor Daniel Chan has never 

                                    been mirrored on screen; however, she has been cinematically paired with singing stars

                               Ekin Cheng, Richie Ren, Leon Lai, Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan, Louis Koo and Andy Lau.

                                 In 2006, Cecilia secretly married her on-again off-gain boyfriend of several years, Hong Kong 

                                              star Nicholas Tse. The couple had a baby boy, Lucas, in August 2007.


                                                                   Cecilia Cheung Filmography

                                                                                         Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi


Fly Me To Polaris  

1999 King of Comedy  
1999 The Legend of Speed  
2000 Tokyo Raiders   
2000 Twelve Nights   
2000 Help!!!   
2001 Wu Yen  
2001 Master Q 2001    
2001 Failan   (KOREA) 
2001 Everyday is Valentine   
2001 The Legend of Zu   
2001 Para Para Sakura  
2001 Shaolin Soccer   (cameo)
2002 Black Mask 2: City of Masks   *
2002 The Lion Roars 
2002 Second Time Around  
2002 Mighty Baby  
2003 Cat and Mouse   
2003 Honesty  
2003 Running on Karma   
2003 Lost in Time 
2004 Sex and the Beauties
2004 One Night in Mongkok
2004 The White Dragon
2005 Himalaya Singh
2005 The Promise
2006 The Shopaholics
2006 My Kung-Fu Sweetheart
2006 The 601st Phone Call   (CHINA) 


                                                                * Cantonese voice dubbing for HK version only



                                                                Hong Kong Film Awards

                                                                                           Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi              

                                                           Best New Performer Award- Cecilia Cheung

                                                                            1999     Fly Me To Polaris


                                                      Best New Performer Nomination- Cecilia Cheung

                                                                            1999     King of Comedy


                                                            Best Actress Nominations- Cecilia Cheung

                                                                            1999     Fly Me To Polaris


                                                              Best Actress Awards- Cecilia Cheung

                                                                            2003     Lost in Time

                                                                            2004     One Nite in Mongkok


                                                       Best Original Song Nominations- Cecilia Cheung

                                                                   2003     Lost in Time (vocals)


                                                           Best Original Song Awards- Cecilia Cheung

                                                                   1999     Fly Me To Polaris (vocals)


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