Alex Man Chi Leung

                                                                                 Alex Man  Alex Man Chi Leung

        (Man Chi Leung, Wan Ziliang, Man Tze Leung)

                  Actor, Entrepeneur


                                    One of Hong Kong's most intriguing actors, Golden Horse Award winner Alex Man 

                                     was prominent in 1980's TVB dramas. He made his big screen debut in Ann Hui's

                                    The Secret (1979), and had early roles in period martial arts productions and erotic

                                      New Wave films. As his career progressed he became skilled at playing extremely

                                    vicious villains in the gangster and crime genre. A man who once vomited on co-star 

                                      Stephen Chow during the taping of a TV series, Alex's deep immersion into his

                                                           roles has provoked speculation that he is indeed crazy.


                                       Alex Man married actress Tien Niu in 1989 after starring together in TVB's The

                                  Justice of Life (their wedding ceremony was broadcast live on television by TVB). He 

                                    and Tien Niu split up in 1996, and in 2001 he wed a young airline hostess he met on 

                                   a flight. By the mid 90's Alex had essentially retired to focus on his Mainland clothing 

                                    business, a fashion line using his English name with specialty retail outlets in parts 

                                   of China. Now residing in Singapore, he continues to expand his clothing line to other

                                                    markets while acting in Singaporean TV dramas and telefilms. 

                                           Alex also pursues other business interests in the Mainland, and his face is  

                                                prominently featured on bottles of a Chinese brand of mineral water. 


                                      Though Alex has been away from the HK entertainment scene in recent years, he

                                         has accepted a few roles from some of his industry friends. Longtime admirer 

                                    Stephen Chow invited Alex to be in his film The King of Comedy (1998), but due to 

                                   schedule conflicts he wasn't able to appear. However, Alex did emerge as a recurring

                                             character in two Young and Dangerous films and the series spin-off 

                                                                                 Born to Be King (2000)


                                                        Alex Man Filmography 

                                                                                        Alex Man Chi Leung

  All For the Gamblers
  An Amorous Woman of the Tang Dynasty
1989 Armageddon          
1988 As Tears Go By
  Bastard Swordsman
  Best Friend of the Cops
1987 The Big Brother
  Bloody Hero
  Bloody Revenge
2000 Born to Be King
  Buddha's Palm
  Casino Tycoon
  Casino Tycoon 2
  The Challenger of the Gambler
  China White
1999 The Conmen in Vegas
  Crocodile Hunter
  Devil Hunters
  The Dragon Fighter
  Edge of Darkness
  Fatal Passion
  Fatal Recall
  Fight to Survive
  The Figures From Earth
  Fire Phoenix
1989 Framed
1990 Gangland Odyssey
  Godfather's Daughter Mafia Blues 
  He Who Chases After the Wind
  Heroic Brothers
  The Hidden Power of Dragon Sabre
1984 Hong Kong 1941
1990 Hong Kong Gigolo  
1983 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
1985 Journey of the Doomed
  Killer's Nocturne
  King of Gambler
  The Last Duel
  Law or Justice
1985 Let's Have a Baby
  The Little Cute Fellow
  Long Arm of the Law II
1985 Lucky Diamond
  Lust From Love of a Chinese Courtesan
  The Mighty Gambler
  Missing Man
  My Beloved
1984 New Tales of the Flying Fox
  Phantom War 
1984 Prince Charming       
  Queen of Gamble
  Return of Bastard Swordsman
  Return to Action
  Rich and Famous
1988 Rouge   
  Running Mate
1988 Ruthless Law  
  The Secret
  Set Me Free
  The Sniping
  Spy Blood 13
  The Story of Dr. Sun Yat Sen
  Super Lady Cop
  Tough Beauty and the Sloppy Slop  *
  Tragic Hero
1993 The Trail   
1997 Young and Dangerous IV
1998 Young and Dangerous V


                                                                                              * cameo        



                                                                  Alex Man -Television Credits

                                                                                       Alex Man Chi Leung

And Yet We Live   
Big Family
Brave New World
Down Memory Lane
The Edge of Righteousness
The Feud of Two Brothers
Genghis Khan
The Golden Pillow
The Justice of Life
The Key Man
The New Adventures of Luk Siu Fung
One Way Ticket To Bangkok
The Price of Growing Up
The Return of the Condor Heroes
Riding the Storm
The Thief of Time   
Where I Belong
The Yang's Saga     



                                                                 Hong Kong Film Awards 

                                                                                          Alex Man Chi Leung

                                                          Best Supporting Actor Nominations- Alex Man

                                                                           1988    As Tears Go By


                                                                   Best Actor Nominations- Alex Man

                                                                           1983    Hong Kong, Hong Kong


                                                                              Alex Man and Cherie Chung in 'Hong Kong, Hong Kong'

                                                     Alex Man and Cherie Chung in Hong Kong, Hong Kong (1983)


                                                                                      Alex in 'The Big Brother'

                                                                          Alex in The Big Brother (1988)


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