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                                 Night Club      The Prince of Portland Street      Raped by an Angel      The Tragic Fantasy: "Tiger of Wanchai"                     

                                               VCDs (Video Compact Disc) are the preferred video format in much of Asia. While HK movies 

                                            are widely exported, different regions retitle, subtitle, and even edit their releases. In strict Islamic 

                                                   Malaysia, Category III films such as Raped by an Angel are sure to be cut. Naturally, some 

                                                                        of Simon Yam's violent, risque movies fall under this category. 


                                                  Note that the Malaysian VCD of Burning Ambition pictures Simon Yam with a horse, even 

                                            though he is just a supporting player in the film. The image is likely just a publicity photo from the 

                                                                                                    1997 ATV series Call of the Wild.

                                                As for the Malay Fatal Termination VCD, the cover images are not from the film and do not

                                                                                                  even feature any of the cast members.


                                                                                 The title of Four Loves in Malay is Empat Percintaan.


                                                 More coming soon!


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