Man Wanted 3   (2000)       

                                                                                                                  Sam Po Film Co.


                                      Cast:  Simon Yam Tat Wah, Allen Ting, Gigi Lai Chi, Simon Loui, Sung Poon Chung

                                                            Bessie Chan, Tsui Chung Sun, Nelson Cheung 

                                                                   Cameo:  Eddy Ko Hung, Danny Lee  

                          Art Director:  Nelson Cheung    Producer:  Wynn Lau    Executive Producer:  Rainy Chan    

                                                                                Director: Sam Ho

                                                                Genre: Drama | Triad     Rating: IIB     


                                                                                Man Wanted 3

                             Synopsis: Simon Yam stars as John Paul, the Loan Shark King of Mongkok. His nemesis, 

                                                                loan shark 'Alien' is played by Simon Loui.

                            Allen Ting plays a young triad who woos a PYT (pretty, young teacher) played by Gigi Lai.



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