Fatal Termination    (1990) 


                                          Cast:  Ray Lui, Moon Lee, Robin Shou, Simon Yam, Philip Ko Fei, Cheung Chi Tak

                                                                                      Lau Dan, Dan Mintz, Mike Abbott, Wong Kwan  


                                                                     Martial Arts Choreographer: Wong Kwan    Director:  Andrew Kam  

                                                                                                             Genre:  Action | Drama         


                                                                                       I don't even trust my mom, why would I trust you?" 


                              This high-tension actioner is pretty good. It's not a Moon Lee film (she doesn't let loose

                                 until after the halfway point). Though there are fisticuffs, the action is mostly delivered in the form

                                 of guns, cars, explosions, and crazy stuntwork. For action freaks, Fatal Termination is a movie 

                                                                    worth tracking down, though its availability is still a bit scarce. 


                                       A dangerous mobster (Philip Ko Fei) and a corrupt airport customs official (Robin Shou

                                     cooperate with some Lebanese terrorists to smuggle arms out of the country. A sharp police 

                                                                    officer (Simon Yam) uncovers the tomfoolery. 





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