IFD Films and Arts Limited  IFD Films

                                                                            IFD Films and Arts Ltd.  

                                                                                                           (IFD Films & Arts Limited)

    Production Company, Distributor


                                IFD Films is CEO Joseph Lai's Hong Kong based film production and distribution company 

                                  specializing in action, martial arts, and animated titles. Since 1973, IFD has reigned as a 

                                    leading purveyor of low budget Asian entertainment, starring kung fu performers such as

                                   Casanova Wong, Kam Kong, Philip Cheung, Gordon Liu, Wang Kuan Hsiung, and 

                                      Chan Wai Man. All of their films are dubbed in English or filmed in English originally.

                                    Aside from the notorious Godrey Ho, IFD has also employed action directors such as 

                                     Ridley Tsui Bo Wah. HK actors who have recently been in their productions include 

                                       Roy Cheung and Ben Ng. Their newest star is Bruce Lee imitator Dragon Shek.


                                                                        IFD Films Filmography



Big Boss the Untouchable

1986 Diamond Ninja Force
  Dragon, the Master 
1982 Grand Master of Shaolin Kung Fu
  The Magnificent Wonderman  
  Mission Thunderbolt
1986 Ninja the Protector  
  Raiders of Buddhist Kung Fu
  Raiders of Snowball
  Rivals of the Dragon
1982 Super Dragon's Dynamo 
  Tiger Fighting




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