Asso Asia Films Ltd.  Asso Asia Films Limited

                                                                            Asso Asia Films Ltd.  

                                                                                                     (Asso Asia Film Production)

  Production Company, Distributor


                                   Cheap kung fu flicks cobbled together by the likes of Godfrey Ho, Joseph Lai and 

                                    Tomas Tang are the hallmark of renegade movie producers Asso Asia Films Ltd.

                            Their movies are easily characterized by a toxic blend of martial arts, paper thin plots, sadism, 

                              outrageous sound effects, and flamboyant Korean action stars such as Hwang Jang Lee,

                                                         Elton Chong, Casanova Wong and Dragon Lee.


                           Asso Asia always deliberately courted the English language market- renaming Asian actors with

                            flashy, easy to remember monikers and dubbing them in thick British voices. Widely distributed 

                                in America at bargain prices, Asso's films were among the most heavily distributed kung fu

                               movies in the land. The company was also able to wrangle major kung fu actors to appear in 

                            their productions- Lo Lieh, Gordon Lau Kar Fei, Carter Wong, and John Liu to name a few.


                                                                      Asso Asia Filmography



Buddhist Fist and Tiger Claws

  The Dragon, the Hero   *
  The Dragon, the Young Master  
1982 The Dragon's Snake Fist   
  The Dynamite Shaolin Heroes
  Eagle vs. Silver Fox
  Fist of Golden Monkey
1982 Grand Master of Shaolin Kung Fu
  Mad For Vengeance
  Martial Monks of Shaolin Temple
  Secret Ninja, Roaring Tiger
1982 The Warriors of Kung Fu  


                                                                            * aka Dragon on Fire




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