The Singing Killer   (1970)       

                                                                                                                         Shaw Brothers


                                          Cast: David Chiang Da Wei, Wang Ping, Tina Chin Fei, Ku Feng, Chen Sing, Ti Lung,

                                Stanley Fung Shui Fan, Wang Chung, Dean Shek Tien, Yen Shi Kwan, Yuen Sheung Yee


                                                  Action Choreographer: Lau Kar Leung, Tang Chia          Music:          
Writer:         Producer: Run Run Shaw        Director: Chang Cheh

                                                                                                                  Genre:  Crime | Drama          


                                                                            The Singing Killer poster

                                      Synopsis: David Chiang plays a nightclub singer who is lured back into a life 

                                                                        of crime by his old gang buddies. 




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