Ruthless Law   (1988) 

                                                                                               (aka Ruthless Family  Liberty Film Co.

                                                                  Ruthless Law

                                           Cast:  Alex Man, Eddy Ko, Deannie Yip, Irene Wan, Chan Wai Man, Cho Tat Wah, 

                                                                                          Mantic Yiu


                            RUTHLESS LAW looked like it might be a worthwhile Alex Man movie- the problem was

                                that my copy was Mandarin dubbed with Chinese subtitles only. Usually one can

                                                muster up some kind of summary anyway, but.. not always. 


                                                     Alex Man and Cho Tat Wah             Alex Man

                               The movie begins with Alex Man escaping from a police van with a bunch of other 

                                convicts. Then he finds his friend (Eddy Ko), who is a cop? and Ko's wife partner?

                              (Deannie Yip)..  Alex befriends a cute little girl, who is the daughter of a lady played 

                            by Irene Wan. (I think), Irene's abusive ex-husband is the Chan Wai Man character >:   

                                                                  anyway, he's the bad guy in the film. 


                                         Alex Man            Deannie Yip, Alex Man and Eddy Ko

                               The only action is at the end, taking place in an ice factory.  Alex Man fights Chan

                                      Wai Man but then Chan, the sneaky devil, pushes over the giant slabs of ice 

                             (conveniently stacked in rows dominoes style), causing them to fall on top of each

                             other. Definitely the standout scene in the film, especially since the ice is clearly real 

                                 and these are huge slabs of ice crashing down for an extended length of time. 


                             So that's RUTHLESS LAW, an Alex Man drama which, hopefully, is more coherent than

                                                                                     this "review". Bye 


                                                                           Alex Man



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