Runaway   (2001)       

                                                                           Universe Entertainment Limited  |  Dream Art Production Co. Ltd.


                                                              Cast:  Nick Cheung, Anthony Wong Chau Sang, Samuel Pang,

                                                            Ruby Wong, Kenneth Low, Anya Wu, Joe Lee


                                                                  Music: Tommy Wai      Cinematographer: Cheung Tung Leung (HKSC)
                                                      Editor: Chan Ki Hop (HKEC)      Story: Dante Lam      Writer: Jack Ng, Lau Ho Leung
                                                     Presenter: Daneil Lam 
     Producer:  Joe Cheung, Dante Lam      Director: Dante Lam    

                                                                                 Genre: Comedy  | Triad  | Action      Length: 97 minutes


                                    Anya, Kenneth Low, Samuel Pang, Nick Cheung, Anthony Wong and Ruby Wong in RUNAWAY

                          There's lots of fruit throwing and bungee jumping in this fun action-comedy from Dante

                                  Lam, the director who previously brought you Beast Cops, Option Zero, and 

                                                                              Jiang Hu- the Triad Zone.

                          Dan (Nick Cheung Ka-Fai) and King (Samuel Pang King-Chi) are a couple of triad members 

                             who flee Hong Kong after having jipped two gang bosses of their gambling winnings. 

                          Their own dai-lo Kwan (played by Joe Lee) as well as the grizzly gangster Ray (Anthony 

                            Wong Chau-Sang) are in hot pursuit of the pair, who have hidden out on the beautiful

                                                                         beaches of Phuket, Thailand.
                         It just so happens that Ray has a chippie he's visiting there (Ruby Wong), and Kwan has

                          discovered their hideaway, and sent his man (Kenneth Lo Wai-Kuang) to nab them and

                                                                                get back the money.
                           Along the way, King falls for a mysterious mute island girl (in a wordless performance

                            from Anya Wu), while Dan explores the charms of another native- Ruby Wong again.

                         Runaway's intial plot could have formed the framework of a serious gangster movie, but

                           it's nothing of the sort. This is light hearted comedy that happens to deal with triads.        

                           Anthony Wong's character turns out to be a softie who's fallen hard for the beautiful

                           Ruby Wong and dreams of being able to leave the gang life and bake cakes for a living. 

                            Former pro Thai boxer Ken Lo plays a filial son who is more absorbed with visiting his 

                                               friends and family than knocking sense into Nick and Samuel.

                              Gay subtexts (involving she-males, a gay parade and black leather) are strangely

                         abundant, but then Thailand is a haven for transvestites, or "ladyboys". The famous Thai

                          movie "The Iron Ladies", which was about the country's champion volleyball team whose

                             players are transvestites, was a hit in Hong Kong. Well guess who Nick and Samuel

                                       unknowingly play beach volleyball with? Some sexy ladyboys in bikinis! 

                             The bungee jumping portions, which seem to ritualize the activity as a motivational

                              and spiritual exercise, are particularly interesting. In fact several of the main cast 

                                                                        members take the leap for real.


                              Nick Cheung and Anthony Wong in particular are very funny in this, and Ruby Wong

                                                       has never looked sexier. Runaway is cool, see it.



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