Okinawa Rendez-vous    (2000) 

                                           China Star Entertainment Group |  One Hundred Years of Film Co. Limited. |  People's Productions 


                                             Cast:  Leslie Cheung, Tony Leung Ka Fai, Faye Wong, Gigi Lai, Stephanie Che, Vincent Kok,

                                                                                                          Masaya Kato, Higuchi Asuka 


                                   Presenter: Charles Heung    Writer:  Gordon Chan, Chan Hing Ka    Cinematographer:  Cheng Siu Keung                                                   Art Director:  Horace Ma     Editor:  Chan Ki Hop     Administrative Producer:  Tiffany Chen   

                                              Producer:  Gordon Chan         Executive Producer:  Jimmy Law         Director:  Gordon Chan 

                                         Genre:  Romance | Comedy       Languages:  Cantonese, English, Japanese       Length:  98 minutes


                                                                           "I told you life was unpredictable"


                         Leslie Cheung- Okinawa Rendezvous  Manza Beach Resort  Vincent Kuk, Tony Leung and Leslie Cheung   

                           Even with lowered expectations, Okinawa Rendez-vous may leave some viewers scratching

                                    their heads. Ace thief Jimmy Tong (Leslie Cheung) has just swiped Yakuza boss Ken Sato's

                                     diary from the police evidence headquarters. But Sato (played by Masaya Kato) has lost

                                    the cash he was gonna pay Tong with to his runaway Chinese girlfriend Jenny (Faye Wong).

                                   On the lam, Jenny runs into three vacationing Hong Kong tourists- Dat (Tony Leung Ka Fai),

                                    a delusional file clerk for the HK police, his girly girlfriend Sandy (Gigi Lai), and her recently 

                                                                         dumped best friend Cookie (Stephanie Che).

                          A series of coincidences leads all the main characters to cross paths, and hearts, in a confusing

                                     and unconvincing love triangle (more like love hexagon). Tong dumps his Japanese girlfriend

                                     just as Jenny dumped her Japanese boyfriend. But then Tong takes an interest in Jenny, who

                                     is also fancied by Dat, who, by the way, is hoping to entrap Tong and his partner in crime

                                              in a robbery scheme. Dat is so self absorbed that he loses his girlfriend to Sato, who

                                    courted and proposed to Sandy while Dat was busy with Tong. Oh, and Dat also likes Jenny.

                                        Faye Wong as Jenny         Tony Leung, Gigi Lai, Stephanie Che

                                        Okinawa Rendezvous never manages to suspend disbelief with its dizzying romantic plot-

                                         not one of the relationships in the story sparks any kind of chemistry. The sea side locale,

                                      completely filmed and set around Okinawa's Manza Beach Resort, is a welcome change of 

                                           scenery, but completely immaterial with regard to the story. It's supposed to be Japan,

                                                                                       but could just as easily pass for Puerto Rico. 

                                                       Okinawa Rendez-vous       Okinawa Rendezvous

                                        The film plays with some artistic shots, a monologue by Tony Leung that disappears as soon

                                         as it's introduced,  music sequences (including numbers by Faye Wong and Leslie Cheung)

                                      and subdued comedy;  building to an anti-climactic finish that whimpers off the screen and 

                                            out of memory. Don't be taken in by Wing Shya's stylish poster- even in the capable

                                        hands of producer, co-writer and director Gordon Chan, Okinawa Rendez-vous contains

                                                                 a narrative that is sometimes funny, but doesn't add up to much. 




                                    Notes: -A photo book and an original soundtrack were released in conjuction with the film. 

                                                             -Gordon Chan has said in interviews that Okinawa Rendezvous was completed 

                                                              from start to finish in 2 months, filming without a script.


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