Naked Ambition   (2003)       

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                                     Cast: Louis Koo Tin Lok, Eason Chan, Josie Ho, Niki Chow Lai KeiCherrie Ying Choi Yi

                                  Clifton Ko Chi Sum, Denise Ho Wan Si, Jo Koo, Tats Lau, Bey Logan, Tin Kai Man, 

                                                                         Danny Lee, Matt Chow, Hocc Ho  


                                                 Executive Producer: Chan Hing Kai, Louis Koo, Amy Chen

                                    Writer: Chan Hing Kai, Frankie Chung         Director: Dante Lam, Chan Hing Kai

                                                Genre:  Comedy | Drama      Rating:  III      Length:  121 minutes      Released:  October 30th 2003


                                John (Eason Chan) and Andy (Louis Koo) are laid off from their jobs at a publishing 

                                company, and decide to become publishing entrepreneurs. The two most profitable

                               publishing ventures are textbooks and pornography. This being a commercial movie, 

                            with the word 'naked' in the title, you can guess which they choose. However, although

                             this film has been touted as a comedy about the porn business, it has more to do with 

                                  the sex trade itself. See, the pair's Passion magazine doesn't model itself on the  

                          Penthouse/Hustler formula, it's actually more of a guide to the brothels, massage parlors, 

                                and strip clubs of Hong Kong. Along the way, Louis and Eason partake in the swinger

                            lifestyle, cheating on their girlfriends with hookers such as the aptly named Josie Ho (as

                                    Tess Chow), Niki Chow (as Kiki) and Jo Koo (playing the annoying 'Titty Bird').


                               Besides not being especially entertaining, Naked Ambition is an immature and rather

                              offensive film. Seeing Josie Ho and Denise Ho Wan Si in explicit sexual situations is not

                           such a shock, because they like it freaky in real life; but it's kind of sad to see otherwise

                                 wholesome actresses such as Niki Chow demean themselves by playing brainless 

                                  prostitutes. As usual, luscious nymph Cherrie Ying Choi Yi is completely wasted, 

                                                                         with only minimal screen time. 


                                 The similarity of this movie to 2001's La Brassiere, also starring Louis Koo, can be

                                explained by the fact that it was also directed by Chan Hing Kai. Chan has cast the

                              handsome, wooden actor in every single one of his self-directed movies (five in total,

                             to date).  Naked Ambition is maybe a mediocre film at best. If you want to see a good

                                              movie about hookers, watch Golden Chicken starring Sandra Ng. 






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