The Group    (1998) 

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                                   Cast:  Francis Ng, Alfred Cheung, Almen Wong, Christine Ng, Anthony Wong, Miriam Yeung, Ken Wong, 

                                                                  Kenneth Lo, Duen Wai Lun, Simon Loui, Michael Lam, Zhuang Yong 


                                                                                              Cameo:  Law Koon Lan, Collin Chou         


                                                                   Music:  Marco Wan      Choreographer:  Dion Lam, Ku Huen Chiu    

                                                                                 Writer:  Keith Wong, Alfred Cheung, So Man Sing

                                                                          Producer:  Alfred Cheung              Director:  Alfred Cheung

                                                                                                                 Genre:  Action       


                                                                  "The world needs fools or it's too boring"


                            The Group   The Group   Almen Wong

                          Ugh, this movie blows. I guess I should have known that from the opening credits, when

                             the name of a whiskey company was listed as co-presenter. Or the spelling of Almen

                                Wong and Miriam Yeung's names- "Elmen Wong" and "Mirtain Yeung". Mirtain??

                                        There's also a female Olympic Gold medalist in the cast, Zhuang Yong.


                            The Group is about 7 boys and girls raised in an orphanage who grow up and become

                            big shots in their respective trades. Alfred Cheung (the producer and director of The

                              Group) plays a Hong Kong film director. Miriam Yeung is a psychologist and expert

                           hypnotist, Francis Ng is an electronics whiz, Ken Wong is a playboy doctor, Christine Ng 

                                              is a lawyer, and Almen Wong is a tough self defense instructor.

                                  The black sheep of the group, Anthony Wong is a cigar puffing HK gang boss.


                           ANYWAY.... the seven friends, though busy, are also idle... They're do gooders and like

                          to help others, like their beloved Father Martin. A mean old landlord is harassing a poor

                                 tenant, so they blackmail him with a video of him raping a female masseuse.

                                                                    They don't prevent the rape, though. 


                          Father Martin, who raised them in the church orphanage, is killed while doing social work 

                             in famine-stricken Africa. (Real footage of famine victims are used). His dying wish is

                                for them to become modern Robin Hoods and help other people. So they rob an 

                          armored truck carrying money from casino earnings, to feed the children. There's some

                                 more twists but otherwise that's the bulk of the story. You've been warned! 






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