God of Gamblers Part III: Back To Shanghai    (1991) 

                                                                aka God of Gamblers III: Back To Shanghai, God of Gamblers 3

                                                            Win's Movie Production & I/E. Co.  |  Samico Films Production Co., Ltd.


                                             Cast:  Stephen Chow Sing Chi, Ng Man Tat, Ray Lui, Gong Li, Sandra Ng, Jimmy Lee,

                                                    Ching Tung, Charles Heung, Wong Wan Si, Tien Feng, Declan Wong, Billy Chow

                                                                          Cameo:  Lau Shun, Chan Lung, Wong Jing, Cheung Man


                                                                  Director:  Wong Jing           Genre: Comedy         Rating: Category II 


                                                                           "There's no end to revenging"



                              God of Gamblers meets "Back To the Future". Actually, there's very little gambling, but 

                                  ample amounts of action, romance, and even a musical number in this standard, yet entertaining

                                                                                                     Stephen Chow  comedy.


                                    Chow is transported back in time from Hong Kong 1991 to Shanghai 1937. Ray Lui reprises 

                                          his role as a dapper mustached gangster from the famous TVB series Shanghai Grand.



                                                 Note: -This film is easy to confuse with the other God of Gamblers 3, which stars Leon Lai:

                                                                                                     God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage (199?).


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