Gangland Odyssey    (1990) 

                                                                                             Golden Sun Light Production Co., Ltd.  


                                  Cast: Chan Wai Man, Alex Man, Andy Lau, Kelly Yiu, Regina Kent, Luk Chuen, Shing Fui On,

                             Ng Man Tat, Roger Ball, Fang Yeh, Shaw Yin Yin, Ridley Tsui, James Ha, Ricky Kwong 

                                                                                  Cameo: Alan Tang


                                                               Production ManagerSun Chung          Executive Producer: S.K. Yuen

                                                                       Producer:  H. Kim, Dicky Yuen          Director:  Chan Wai Man 

                                                                                                    Genre:  Drama | Action  | Triad 


                           Chan Wai Man in Gangland Odyssey  Kelly Yiu in Gangland Odyssey  Alex Man in Gangland Odyssey

                          Fen Chiu Hung (Alex Man) is a retired San Francisco cop who goes to Hong Kong to rescue 

                                    the kidnapped son of his former gwailo business associate Mr. Brown (Roger Ball). Fen loves 

                                      karaoke club owner Shirley (Kelly Yiu), but she is secretly married to gangster Brother Pu

                                  (Chan Wai Man), who years ago fled to Japan to avoid retaliation for his killing of a rival HK

                                    gangster. Shirley has a daughter Cindy (Regina Kent), who is dating Alex's jovial friend Che 

                                   (Andy Lau). Che is an employee of the wealthy Mr. Brown, who is married to a Chinese lady

                                                                                      (played by a frumpy looking Shaw Yin Yin).
                              After Fen and Che bravely rescue the kid from his Japanese captors, their gang boss Mr. 

                                                  Nakamura (Luk Chuen) swears revenge for his men who were killed in the raid. 
                           Pu has joined the Japanese triad societies, and now works for Nakamura, who flies him back 

                                                                                                      to Hong Kong to kill Fen. 

                                                  Andy Lau flips the birdshocked gwailo reacting to the bird
                            Gangland Odyssey is a decent mob movie, directed by veteran actor Chan Wai Man, who

                                  should know a thing or two about the subject. Despite a cheap keyboard soundtrack, the acting

                                                                is adequate and there are several engaging action scenes.  
                          It also contains a somewhat disturbing scene of dog fight gambling, in which two slobbering pit 

                                    bulls are filmed in a savage battle of jaws and paws. Yet the most notable aspect of the film is 

                                       it's openly anti-foreigner rhetoric- both the British and Japanese are characterized as being 

                                         without honor or righteousness. The culmination of this sentiment is best expressed when 

                                    Andy Lau confronts the bearded gwailo betrayer Mr. Brown and, giving him the finger, says,

                                                                                        "F**K YOU!!"  See, Andy's bilingual.




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