Angel of the Road    (1993) 

                                                                                                         Hua Ying International Co. Ltd. 


                                                          Cast:  Max Mok, Loletta Lee, Alex To, Roy Chiao, Chen Kuan Tai, 

                                     Sam Wong Ming Sing, Ng Man Tat, Alex Fong, Wong Ban, Leung Kam Sun


                                                      Genre:  Romance  | Action  |  Drama      Rating:  Category II      Length:  90 minutes



                                      Max Mok plays a well intentioned but misguided youth who woos pretty student Loletta

                                 Lee, while taking part in illegal night races in his beloved van. Competing for Loletta's 

                                                   affections is the strait laced Alex To, whom her father (Roy Chiao) favors.




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