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                                                                            HKMW Banners

                                    Below is a gallery of banners with some info/commentary for each. Enjoy it!



                                                                                                                     Blind Fist of Bruce 



                                                                                                             Don't believe what you read!



                                                                           The only gal to have ever smooched Bruce Lee onscreen- Nora Miao



                                                                                                 Horror Hotline.. Big Head Monster



                                                                                        New HK stars portray their forefathers in Fantasia



                                                                                                                          Twins (again)



                                                                                          The piercing gaze of kung fu heroine Angela Mao Ying



                                                                                                        Miriam Yeung, star of Love Undercover



                                                                                                              Gigi Leung - Ekin's main squeeze



                                                                                                                          Edison Chen



                                                                                                                    Snake gyrl Alice Chan



                                                                                                            Sophie Ngan and Bessie Chan



                                                                                                                            Angelica Lee



                                                                                                                            R.I.P. Leslie






                                                                                                                  Carrie Ng and Andy Lau






                                                                                                                             HK medley 



                                                                                                  Never underestimate a prominent nose :-)



                                                                                                                Lil' Louis and baby Sean 



                                                                                          Anya + Maggie Q camouflaged in Naked Weapon






                                                                      This was prompted by the success of The Eye and My Left Eye Sees Ghosts



                                                                                                              An unsolicited endorsement